Saturday, February 25, 2017

Allure Beauty Box vs Sephora Play February 2017 Comparison and Coupon

The Allure Beauty Box is one of the top beauty boxes currently available to subscribers. I like it a lot and find it hard to decide between this and the Sephora Play box. Sephora is new on the scene with its subscription but it's full of brand clout. I freely admit that I can't bring myself to cancel either one.

I did cancel Birchbox and Ipsy, though. I think that Allure and Sephora both send better brands in bigger sizes and offer more of a variety of products. I felt Birchbox leaned more toward skincare and Ipsy more towards makeup and I just really want a balance.

Here's my comparison of what I received in my February boxes:
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Friday, February 24, 2017

SweetsGiftBox February 2017 Review and 50% Off Coupon

SweetsGiftBox is part of TheGiftBox family and sends candies, chocolates and other sweet treats every month. For February the focus is definitely chocolate which makes sense. It also has a fantastic bar which I've tried before and loved.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Every month you'll receive a selection of 4-5 sweets ranging from crunchy, chewy, chocolate, fruity or salty.

The Hive Box February 2017 Subscription Box Review

The Hive Box fulfills a subscription box "want" of mine. I went hunting for a subscription box that would send small batch honey to my door after someone mentioned it in a comment. I adore honey and I drink more tea than most people so I go through it pretty quickly. I like to buy honey whenever I visit a new place around the country or world and I've been able to snag some great tasting honey from several places. So far New Zealand wins for the best clover honey.
I've received boxes that have had honey and there is a box that sends honey and tea (Just Add Honey) but wasn't quite what I was looking for. The Hive Box sends a new honey every month plus all sorts of bee related goodies like candles, soaps, home goods, candies and paper products. Now THAT is what I want!! So I signed up. This box celebrates bees, small businesses who love them and local artisans who make great things with bee-related materials.
There are two box sizes. The Mini Box has a raw honey, a beeswax candle, and a bee-friendly goodie in each box. The Regular box has a raw honey plus a selection of 4-6 bee related products. I went for the Regular size box, of course. Besides the information card, there is also information on how to care for your candles, notes about honey and a bunch of coupons.

The Cost: $24.95/month plus shipping (Regular), $15.95/month plus shipping (Mini)

What You Get: Every month you'll receive one new raw honey plus 3-5 other bee-related items like candles, soaps, home goods, paper products and edibles.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PinchMe Sampling Program Box and Puppy Palooza Offers

PinchMe is a sampling program I've recently signed up for. I had tried this service a loooong time ago, back when it first started and it was so difficult to even acquire samples, I eventually just gave up and forgot about it. Now, however, it's changed a lot and they've got a revamped website that makes it much easier.

This sampling program is completely free but you will need to sign up and fill out your profile. You'll also be responsible for choosing your samples. I don't think they'll just send you random products. Based on your profile, you'll have a selection of products to pick from. If your profile doesn't fit the sort of samples they have at the time, you may not be eligible for any. The good news is that you'll get things that fit who you are. Yay!

I was sent a PinchMe VIP box to give you an idea of the sorts of things you can get. They're also having a promotion to encourage those with dogs to sign up. Since I have dogs, I did just that! Currently, they're running a PuppyPalooza contest. Sign up and refer your friends and see if you are the lucky winner of a $1000 shopping spree and/or free PinchMe sample boxes. Check it out here!

PB&Jealous Sweet Welcome Box Review plus $10 Coupon Code

I can't tell you how excited I am for PB&Jealous! It's a subscription that sends jams, jellies, peanut butter and honeys every month! I subscribed hoping I would get February but instead I received a Welcome Box. I'm SO pleased with everything inside. I love the idea of a Welcome Box especially if it means getting to try so many different things.

Because I knew this box was coming, I went to the store and bought everything for biscuits. My anticipation levels were very, very high. Now that I'm writing up the review, I'm salivating just thinking about the excellent jams I discovered in this box!
There are so many options to choose from, as well! Not only can you choose the size of your box (Mini or Big) but you can also choose whether you want only sweet, sweet goodness or if you want some savory tastes mixed in!
I chose the Large box with only Sweet stuff and I did make use of their offer to modify the box for allergies. Grape jam/jelly is a migraine trigger for me so I asked for substitutions to be made in case there were any. I absolutely love the option and the follow-through was perfect. How and why my brain doesn't like grape is a mystery to me but it's been my bane since I was about seven years old. So you can imagine how happy the ability to request a modification was.

The Cost: $34.95/month plus $5 shipping for the Big Box, $26.95/month plus $5 shipping for Mini.

What You Get: The Big Box will have 5-8 artisan products, an average of over $40 in value. The Mini has 3-5 artisan products, an average of $30 in value. Both boxes will include a handcrafted artisan nut butter and a delicious, all natural jam, jelly or preserve. Additional products can be anything from honey and fruit butters to syrups and organic snacks.

The Daily Goodie Box Free Sampling and Review Program

The Daily Goodie Box is a free sampling program. I've never tried something like this. Apparently I prefer to pay for my samples. Hah! But this was actually a very fun experience. What I love most about Daily Goodie Box is that it requires very little effort on the consumers part. There's no need to get up at a certain time and claim samples before they run out. Technically, you can just sign up, fill out your profile then sit back and wait.

If you do receive a Daily Goodie Box, make sure you try all your samples and complete the surveys in your profile. Doing this increases your chance of getting another one since they really want feedback more than anything. You can also interact on their Daily Goodie Box Facebook page or post about your samples on your social media pages. It's not required but it is fun to see what other people think about things. Like Butter Coffee...

Since this is my very first box, I can't say how frequently these arrive but I can say they are PACKED with samples. I was shocked! So many things to try!

Here's what I received:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Kloverbox February 2017 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

Kloverbox is dedicated to providing a healthy, natural alternative to products you need to use every day.  They search for the best, most useful natural, organic and eco-friendly brands and send you full size products and samples each month.

One of the things I love about it is that this box is about more than beauty.  It's about helping you live a sustainable and eco-friendly life as well.  So you'll receive fun lifestyle products as well as skincare and beauty goodies.

Each box will arrive carefully packaged and with an information card to tell you about the products you're receiving and how they are made.  It will also provide you with coupons in case you fall in love with something and need more.  Shipping is free and is available to all US customers.

The Cost: $25/month.

What You Get: Receive natural, cruelty-free and organic products, hand-picked by eco-conscious curators in beauty, health, nutrition and home categories.