Monday, July 3, 2017

What's in The Hive Box?! Raw Honey and Goodness! Take A Look...

The funny thing about The Hive Box is that I only found it because an anonymous commenter said she was looking for a box that sent honey. That made me curious to see what was available out there and whether there was a box that sent small batch honey monthly. To my surprise and happiness I found The Hive Box and I've been subscribed ever since.

Every month has a new small batch honey made locally in the US. By that I mean, if it's made in New York, it's made from NY hives watched over by a small, local apiary. This month the honey is SO GOOD I'm on a mission to get more. Yes. That good. Hooked! Actually, I've found two absolutely stellar honeys. The problems seems to be finding a way to get more... /cry

The Cost: $24.95/month plus shipping.

What You Get: Every month you'll receive one new raw honey plus 3-5 other bee-related items like candles, soaps, home goods, paper products and edibles.

If you love honey and you're on a budget, the great thing is that you don't have to get the large box that I get. You can get a smaller box with just a honey, beeswax candle and a small extra for $16! Considering the honey itself is usually around $10, it's an amazing way to get fantastic honey from all over the place.

This is basically the perfect box for a honey lover. Because honey is like wine, every batch is different! I will never get the honey bears on the top shelf at the grocery store again. Small batch is where it's at! Plus it's supporting hard working small business owners.

For the month of June:
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Robb Vices June 2017 Men's Luxury Subscription Box Review

Robb Vices is a stellar men's luxury subscription. I've been blown away by the thoughtful curation and content every month. We've been subscribed for three month's now and every time the box shows up, I can't quite believe they manage to come up with so many interesting themes and products on a monthly basis. It seems like it should be a quarterly subscription, it's that luxurious.

This is an offshoot of Robb Report which is a magazine and website devoted to the best of the best luxury goods and experiences. The goal of Robb Vices is to send you a carefully themed and curated gift package containing some of the most exclusive, must-have products found to cross the high bar set by Robb Report.

Boxes will contain gourmet food, wine, spirits, and products from boutique brands and elite artisans. It's a celebration of vices, providing anything from alcohol and food to accessories and gadgets that are "worthy of your ownership".

The Cost: 89.95/month, less with longer subscription

What You Get: Every month is a new surprise which may bring exceptional wines and spirits to enjoy, foods to taste, tools, toys, accessories, and gadgets. Each reflects an area of the good life that will make for the highlight of your month.

I've noticed that alcohol tends to feature frequently and you do have to be over 21 to subscribe. Shipping is FedEx and depending on your delivery person, requires a signature. My regular guy doesn't make me sign (probably because he knows me way too well) but the substitute does. Either way, it'll suck if you're not there to sign so make arrangements. Will they accept a note you leave a note on the door?
Every month is accompanied by a heavy duty, full color magazine discussing the choices made for your box that month along with exclusive interviews with the makers and creators, lots of details about each product and interesting tidbits relating to that month's vices.

Yogi Surprise June 2017 Yoga Lifestyle Subscription Box Review and Coupon

YogiSurprise is a yoga lifestyle subscription box that focuses on providing added delight to your daily life. If you practice yoga or follow the precepts, you'll likely find something to enjoy in every box. If you don't do yoga, it's also highly probable that you will appreciate each box as well. I know I do and I think the only yoga pose I know is sun salutation. The fact that I've only been to two yoga classes in my life (and nearly passed out in that first hot yoga session) has no bearing on how well I think these boxes are curated.

The Cost: $44.95/month.

What You Get: You’ll receive 6 to 8 full-size products with a value of over $70, designed to nourish and support your well-being, vitality, and growth.
The Chakra Bible by Sterling Publishing- Learn about the 7 chakras and balancing your energies. Not really my thing but I know someone who will love this!
Value: $14.99
Mat Intentions 3-Pack- These are actually super cute. They're affirmation tags for your yoga mat. Or anywhere, really. Your mirror, your car dashboard, your stroller handle... Anywhere you may look and experience some kind of frustration or need for encouragement.
Value: $10.50

Adora Mood Boost Chakra Roll-On- Organic jojoba oil, lavender and flower essences will lift your mood. Not mine, sadly, thanks to the lavender but someones. This is the one bad thing about yoga boxes (and indeed, any "natural" box) is the copious amounts of lavender included. If you love lavender, you will be in heaven. If you're allergic... not so much.
Value: $12
High Mowing Seeds Herb Gift Box- I love this! Dill, parsley, basil, cilantro and thyme. I admit that while I have a gorgeous garden, I only have chives and thyme that we actually use. And they're not dedicated to eating, they just look good as plants. If you've ever grown Lemon Thyme, it makes a beautiful bush. Right now I'm leery of using any of it because there are slugs galore in my yard. It's like they all just had babies. Ugh. I don't want to eat anything I think a slug might have touched.
Value: $15 (whoa, that's expensive)

Mavi Bands No-Slip Yogi Headband- I *love* this! Do you know how hard it is to find a headband like this that doesn't slip? It's actually next to impossible when you have a small head and thin, fine hair like mine. I'm getting more of these in more functional colors. These adjust to your head size (like a bra strap) and really do stay in your hair! I needed something like this because my former pixie cut is going through another awkward stage as I grow it out.
Value: $14.99
Foods Alive Flax Crackers in Italian Zest- You don't know how long I had to wait in order to rip these open. I had to make myself wait until I'd taken pictures for this review and it took longer than I was expecting. Yum!
Value: $7

VERDICT: I really enjoy YogiSurprise. It's definitely my favorite yoga box for the quality of the items included. Plus there's a really good variety. You will definitely find a lot of spritz/spray/scented type products which is okay with me since I like room sprays. If you have no lavender allergies, you'll get more use out of them than I do. If you practice yoga, this is such a sweet pick-me-up once a month. I think it would add good energy to your next sessions.
If you would like to sign up for YogiSurprise, you can do that right here. Use code YOGILOVE for 15% off your first box. Your sneak peek is a Skinny Coconut Oil and a Mindful Anti-Aging Eye
Serum (plus four other full size items, of course!).

*affiliate links were used in this post.

Co-Op Crate Ends Subscriptions June 2017 Review

Co-Op Crate has announced that they will be ending their subscription business effective immediately. If you had a longer term subscription, you should have been refunded already. Co-Op Crate focused on small businesses, Etsy sellers and small batch artisan goods. It has introduced me to some of the best caramel I've eaten in my life and has always been packed with fun interesting products.
This month the theme was Salt, Sea and Sun which is appropriate for June. Although, we aren't getting much sun here in Seattle. *glares at gray sky*

It seems a little strange writing a review for a company that has shuttered but I'm hoping they come back as something new and better.
He B G-Bees After Sun Cooling and Anti Itch Spray- A spray made with aloe that also has essential oils like lavender to keep off the bugs while soothing the skin.
Value: $10

Suny Island Blue Coconut Rum Sea Salt Spray- I've been digging through my stash to find all my sea salt sprays since my hairdresser recommended them for my hair. I'm growing out a pixie and it's got more awkward stages than a teenage boy. So I'll be using this for sure. It smells fabulous, too. Mmm! Made with Purified water, aloe vera oil, mediterranean sea salt, epsom salt, coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, optiphen, fragrance oil
Value: $10
Pineapple Proper Pineapple Tumbler- Pineapples seem to be THE THING these days. This cup is a 16 oz. skinny acrylic double walled tumbler. Recommended to handwash. Nooo!
Value: $11

Breakout Press Tote- This tote says "The Beach is Calling" and is made of thin cotton.
Value: $9
The New England Beach Company Mermaid Bottle Opener- This is a cast iron mermaid. It's quite heavy and somewhat unwieldy.
Value: $10.50

Exit 343 Designs Can Koozie- Does anyone actually use these things? I often have good intentions but either don't drink from a can or never remember to use these.
Value: $5
Salty Road Strawberries and Cream Salt Water Taffy- This actually tastes like strawberry sauce! Probably because it has pureed strawberry in it, so good!
Value: $7

VERDICT: Co-op Crate has had some really inspired curation for most of their boxes. I don't think this one qualifies but I'm probably biased because I don't really like getting totes or koozies because they seem like filler. I'm most interested in the Cooling Spray and the Sea Salt Spray. The mermaid bottle opener is cute but it's so heavy it's not really practical. It's possible I may find a decorative use for it.

While you can no longer snag a Co-Op Crate, there are similar crates if you are interested in trying small batch/businesses boxes. I would recommend Handmade Hive as being an almost direct counterpart. If you like food there is My Texas Market and The Hive Box is fun if you like honey products.

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes.

Amoda Tea Subscription Review June 2017 plus Coupon

Amoda Tea is a Canadian tea subscription service based on providing you with some of the best teas you've ever had from small and independent tea crafters around North America. I can tell you right now you'll fall in love with some of these and want more. It's the perfect excuse to add to your overflowing tea cupboard. Or if you're like me... two cupboards.

I drink tea every single day and I drink it in copious amounts. I'm not ashamed! Recently I've been stuck on Republic of Tea's blueberry green tea with whipped blueberry infused honey from a My Texas Market box. Talk about heavenly! So good. Sure, the honey is probably meant for pancakes but it's amazing in green tea.
Anyway, Amoda has sent four brand new teas and they sound AMAZING! So I've got to taste test them all. These are primarily blends and some have flavoring. I prefer blends and I tend to like more floral and fruity teas. This review is for the Original version but they have a Low Caff version that's mostly herbal and low caffeine blends. Yay!

The Cost: $20/month

What You Get: Four (12+ cups) tea samples from fun brands and small-batch tea blenders from all over North America. Also included are disposable tea filters, steeping instructions and recipes. You'll also receive free shipping on purchases in the shop.

Monday, June 26, 2017

DailyGoodieBox Free Sampling Program Review

So far every DailyGoodieBox has been a ton of fun. This is a free sampling and product review program that sends out boxes of samples and full size product for you to try and then give your thoughts on. I love it because I don't have to think about anything. The box shows up, I try everything and then hop online and fill out the questions online via their website. Of course, then I write up a post about it telling you what I got and how well this program works for me.

This isn't a subscription box, you don't have to pay for anything and I would guess that it's typically not monthly for everyone. Their slogan is they send out boxes daily and that means every day somewhere, lots of lucky people are finding these in their mailbox or on their porch.

In my opinion, this is the best program I've been a part of because I don't have to do anything to get the samples. Other programs, like PinchMe, make you get up at the crack of dawn and scramble to get samples from a quickly dwindling supply. While that might be a thrill for some folks, that is not for me. DailyGoodieBox is for people who are willing to sign up and wait (or forget they sign up) and then get excited when they see a box show up. That's me!

Here's what's in my box this time around:

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

MunchPak Snack Subscription Review and Coupon

MunchPak is a snack subscription with a high level of customizability. Snacks range from sour to spicy and Korean to Irish plus everything in between and around the outside. Basically, you can find just about any snack ever created in your box. They even have an option to add a drink and you can specify if you want coffee, tea, juice, soda, etc. Like I said... Customized!

With all that being said, the cost of boxes vary greatly. Considering you can get them delivered weekly if you so choose, it can add up! Personally, one a month works really well for us since it's a lot of snacks. The Mini MunchPack is $12.95 for 5+ snacks and it goes all the way up to Family Size with 20+ snacks!

The box I received is the Original MunchPak with an add-on of soda. The Original version has ten or more full size snacks!

The Cost: $22.95/box (soda adds $5)

What You Get: Each box features an assortment of the best, most delicious candy and snacks from around the world. The MunchPak Mini contains 5 or more full size snacks, the Original MunchPak contains 10 or more full size snacks, and our FamilyPak contains 20 or more full size snacks.