Thursday, February 27, 2014

Soap Making!

I never thought I would be the type to make my own soap.  I don't think I ever thought it was possible without a lot of work and a ton of messiness.

For Christmas this year, a friend of mine gave me some soap she had made.  She is the ultimate in craftiness.  She paints, soaps, sculpts, makes pottery that can actually be used, she blows glass, etc etc.  She is quite possibly the Queen of All Craftiness.  I am not.

So, I assumed that because the Craft Queen made soap that it was probably something the average non-crafty person couldn't do.

Luckily, I was wrong!  There is an easy way to make soap and then there is an even easier way.  I know, who thought that was even possible?!  Dove is making a killing!

I researched soap making online.  We all know the internet is the source of all information, true or otherwise.  In this case, my researches were productive. is very informative and good for people who don't even know what a "trace" is.  People like me.

The internet is also good for buying things.  It's really easy to buy things like subscription boxes and things you don't need but because you saw it you desperately want it.  My foray last week was a little of both.  I found everything I needed to make soap and then I found a little extra.  I do recommend Brambleberry as a great place to start looking for soap making supplies. I do not recommend Bulk Apothecary because their shipping is outrageous and they didn't even include a single sample.  I also used and CandleScience as sources of Fragrance Oils. 

After my packages arrived and I opened them all, smelled all my fragance oils and essential oils, and set everything up, I got started. 

For my first soap project I used Melt and Pour glycerin soap with shea butter and mango butter.  This is a white soap.  In the process of my researches, I discovered that anything with Vanilla will cause your soap to turn brown.  Other oils will also turn your soap colors but vanilla is the worst, I guess.

I had read that you can use anything as a mold as long as you line it.  So I lined my Glossybox and got to work.  I melted one pound of soap, mixed in a deliciously mouth-watering Arabian Spice scent and poured it into the box.

And then my soap was done about half an hour later.  Ready to cut.  This is when I discovered the mistakes I made.  The good thing is that none of my mistakes meant I had killed the soap.  It was still soap.  Just not... ideal.  First, it was too thin.  The Glossybox was too big for one little pound of soap.  I got six really skinny bars.  Second, while Arabian Spice smells like heaven (cinnamon, clove, orangey awesomeness) it is not the best scent to rub all over your body in the shower.  Thirdly, white is boring.  So, my first foray into soapmaking was fun, easy and I learned what NOT to do.

Back to research.

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