Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mirenesse VIP Club + $20 off Coupon

Well, I did something new today.  Maybe a little scary but only on the "OMG, what am I doing?!" front.

I just signed up for Mirenesse's VIP Club!  Mirenesse is an Australian make up and skin care company.   I haven't had much experience with them but they are apparently well-loved in certain circles. Some of their bestselling products are Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara, Mirenesse icurl Heated Lash Curler, Mirenesse Matte Liquid Silk Foundation and Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine.

I signed up using a code: VIP20

Except there's a trick to that code.
So... I wouldn't say that their website is very awesome which doesn't mean that their products aren't, but its a little confusing.  When you decide you want to sign up for VIP and click the button, a box pops up and asks if you have a code.  Well, at that point I didn't have a code but the fact that they asked made me curious.
Google saves me money again!  I found the code.  I still wasn't sure this was what it wanted but I chose the "I have a code" button instead of the "I don't have a code" one.  The weird thing is that it gives you a code if you pick the "I dont have a code" and makes you type it in.

Anyway, so I put in the code and filled out the information it wanted.  It makes you pay right away!  So in my cart, I now had a VIP membership for $26.  But Google had shown me earlier that there was a $5 sign up fee.  Google again helps me.  That VIP20 code must ALSO be punched into the coupon code box at checkout!

If you sign in and choose the  'I *don't* have a code' button and try to enter this VIP20 code in, it will not work (I tried).

On to important matters!

The Cost: $25/month which you can skip any time

What You Get:  The VIP program gets you 20% regular prices (up to 80% in some cases), a $25 voucher each month (which is basically your  monthly fee returned to you except that you have to spend $65 to use it), Free Shipping (this is what makes it worth it) and BEST of ALL (and the reason I signed up!!) a FREE beauty box sent every second month!

I'm going to be the guinea pig and do this for two months.  I have ordered the April Glamm Box (Skin care and Makeup version), a Surprise Box (which contains 3 full size mystery items) and something else that I already forgot.

The first month you don't get the VIP box since its every other month.  So next month will be the free box and we will see whats in there.  I've seen some pretty mixed reviews.  Most of them surround the fact that repeats are pretty common.  Since I only plan to do this for two months, hopefully that won't happen.

I'm pretty excited to see what I get.  It's kinda like getting a Glossybox.  Only on time. Heh.

Have you ever used Mirenesse products?  What are your thoughts?  I am a little concerned about the VIP program now that I've read a little more about it.  How was your experience?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bespoke Post 'Cafe' March 2014 Review

Bespoke Post is a Men's subscription box company. Each month they will send you a "Box of Awesome".

Now, I am, of course, not a man. But my husband, thankfully, is! Therefore I can justify buying a Man's box, right?!

Bespoke Post does things a little differently than your typical subscription box. I am used to sample boxes. This is NOT a sample box. Samples are for women! A man needs a REAL BOX.

Each month, BP will release at least one new Box of Awesome. This means a limited edition collection of products packaged together - in a box. Each box is built around a specific theme - the goal is to introduce men to something new. And apparently the men at BP have rigorously tested all of the items that they put into a box to ensure they are top quality and worthy of man-regard.

These boxes are amazing. They are carefully curated to appeal to a wide range of male interests and I'm pretty impressed with the selections they came up with for the month of March. Obviously, I knew what I was getting because I ordered it but my husband did not.

The Cost: $45/mo. This is fairly expensive in my opinion but it seems like men focused boxes usually are. You can also easily opt out if nothing that month appeals to you. You just need to do it by the 5th.

Use Code: LONELY to get 30% off your first box!

What you get: This is the fun part. You get to choose what you get! It's theme-based but you get to see the items you will be receiving. Anything from a set of silly socks to a whiskey aging kit with all the accouterments.

I chose the Cafe box using the March Madness coupon that was available so I paid $27 for this box. This came with an information card on top that described three different ways to use your new French Press and talked about why they chose the other included items.

Here is what I received:

Everything was well packed and in perfect condition!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sample Society April 2014 Spoilers!

First, let me say I love Sample Society. Seriously. I've been pretty happy with everything I've received from them. Both in quantity and quality. Maybe they sent me a little too many hair things but the items were great quality and the sizes were deluxe. I really like them!

The Cost: $15/mo

What You Get: 5 deluxe-sized samples from brands like Alterna, Diptyque, Dermalogica and By Terry delivered to your door. Each box also includes a pamphlet with tips and information about the latest beauty trends. You also will receive a coupon for $15 off your purchase if you decide to buy one of the items in your box.

First spoiler:
Photo: April box sneak peek! All #SampleSociety members will receive an Illume Candles mini tin in "Anemone,' an exotic fruit-floral fusion. Sign up here:

Anemone by Illume: an exotic fruit-floral fusion. This mini tin has a value of $9.

Second Spoiler:

PETAL FRESH Oil Blotting Papers by Tatcha
30 Sheets Each | Size 3.74" x 3.74"

These are all-natural leaflets which absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup for petal fresh skin anytime, anywhere.

The value for these is $12 if we get a full box.

While I'm not too interested in blotting papers, I do like candles! I'm never gonna say no to a new candle even if I do make my own!
All members will receive a butter LONDON Wink Eye Pencil (retails at $18!). Colors will vary per box.

This makes me the happiest of all! While Im just getting into eyeliners, I really want a blue or purple one because that is just FUN!

What do you think of these spoilers so far and which is your favorite? I'd also be curious to know what anyone thinks of the blotting papers. I've never used anything like that before.

Birchbox March 2014 Review

Birchbox was one of the first sample boxes to start delivering to homes by subscription!  With Birchbox you are sent high end beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples for only $10.  Its a fun, easy way to try new things for a small payout.  This is by far the cheapest of any box and you still get great things.

The Cost:  $10 a month, lower for annual subscriptions paid in full at initial sign up

What you get: You will receive 4-6 regular or deluxe size samples each month, ranging from toothpaste and lipstick to chocolate and body creams.

This month Birchbox moved warehouses and boxes were generally late being sent out.  This doesn't bother me in the slightest but other subscribers were very upset.  Luckily, Birchbox appears to have amazing customer service and treats everyone kindly whether they deserve it or not.
I couldn't resist including my own tulips!  A nice promotional shot, I thought. :D  Each box comes with an informational card and a note from the owners.
This box is (incidentally its box #44) had a lot more than I was expecting in it!  I'm pretty excited to use some of these products.  Birchbox also included an Intense Dark Chocolate Square that I've already tested. It's Cherry Tango, full of dried cherry bits and almonds.  It is VERY cherry and VERY tasty. Yum!
stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry Sorbet- this lip product has a brush applicator.  I've never used stila before and I've never used a lipgloss with a brush before so this will be a fun experiment!  I thought this was a full size sample, it is so generous but it is not.
Full Size Value: $8/.08oz
Included Size: .05oz
Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle- I love this stuff!  I really do.  This box is an automatic win for me because this product was included.  It smells like heaven, instantly detangles and also protects my hair from heat damage, locks in my color and makes it soft and silky.
Full Size Value: $21.95, 8oz
Size Included: 2oz (guesstimating because the bottle isn't labeled)

Air Repair Rescue Balm- This is an all-natural salve for repairing dry, cracked skin from your lips to your heels.  I've never used before but I just tried it on my lips.  It's got the same consistency as Neosporin (a clearish gel) and smells like menthol cough drops.  I don't think I'd want to use this before a date but my chapped lips are already soft in the time it took to write this so Im impressed!
Full Size Value: $12/ .9oz
Included Size: .17oz (guesstimating as there is no label)

Gena Pedi Cure Food Treatment Creme: A spa grade moisturizer that heals with peppermint and menthol.  Rub into your feet and feel the goodness.  I guess.  I'm not really a foot person so this will likely go up for swaps.  It's two half ounce packages which I would imagine would be enough for quite a few treatments!  At the very least four but I'm thinking you could get four treatments a package.  Its a LOT!  I don't like foil packet samples much because you cant close them really.
Full Size Value: $14/8oz
Included Size: 2 large foil packets totally 1oz

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream and Regenerating Neck and Decollete Cream: These lotions are to help hydrate, firm and minimize fine lines for dewier skin.  Apply a pea sized amount to your eyes and a generous amount to your neck.
These are considered "Lifestyle Extras" which means they don't count toward the value of your box.  Which is good because the samples are foils and tiny.  I'll use them for sure even though neither of them contains any of my favorite ingredients (hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin E or Vitamin C)!
Full Size Value: $58/ 1.4oz(neck), .58oz (eye)
Included Size: 1 packet each of .05oz

VERDICT:  I love this box!  I've already eaten half the chocolate, the Beauty Protector is already my favorite and I can always use more of it.  Stila is a great brand that I haven't tried yet and the lip color is just my style!  I won't use the pedi cure cream but I will definitely be using up the Dr. Hauschka even though they're foils.  This was a great box for me and Birchbox has redeemed themselves in my eyes.  My last boxes did not thrill me in the slightest and I had cancelled because of it.  I shall continue through another month for sure after this one!  They also have a great points program that makes it really easy to earn points (just review the products in your box!) and every 10 points is $1!  Sign up, if you haven't already!

Did you get Birchbox this month?  Were you happy with the contents?  And what did you think compared to Ipsy (if you get both)?  I *really* liked my Ipsy this month.

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A new way to sample!

I randomly discovered a new sampling website!  I don't hunt these down on purpose, I'm not one of those super couponers or anything like that.
But when the opportunity presents itself and its EASY, I get a little excited.  Okay, maybe I'm a little lazy or maybe I just don't want to fuss with details like finding the right coupon for the right product somewhere in the bottom of my purse.

Still!  This new service has me intrigued!

PINCHme makes it really easy to sample!  Head to their website, sign in and pick products from their list that you would like to try.  Enter your address and you're done!  Yep, that IS easy!

The samples are completely random.  Anything from Gevalia K-cups to South Beach Diet granola bars.  I think I even saw hemp seeds in their past offerings.  So you never know what will be available when you log in.

This was the first I've seen of it and there was only one sample available, the Gevalia K-Cup which I chose Mocha Latte flavor (over Caramel Macchiato, I love chocolate!).

When my sample arrives, PINCHme directs me to try it, then come back to their website and review it.  Now, if you are anything like me, I hate writing reviews BUT the one thing that WILL get me to write one is presents.  Yep, gifts.  Free somethings.  Birchbox gives points, Glossybox gives points and do I write reviews to get them? Yes.  Yes, I do.

March 28, 2014

Okay, so I wrote all the above after I managed to snag a sample.  Now I know its a little more difficult to get a sample since they only post them on Certain Tuesdays.  I haven't managed to get any samples beyond the Gevallia and since I'm lazy when it comes to working hard for free stuff, I haven't been militant about stalking them much.

BUT today my Gevalia Mocha arrived from Pinchme!  Its a two part project.  The powder packet goes in your mug and the k-cup obviously goes in your brewer.

Forgive my Starbucks advertising.  I collect these mugs and I love them because they're huge!  This one is from London.

The best thing about this Gevalia Mocha Latte is how the powder crackles when the hot coffee hits it!  I'm wondering what makes it do that. It definitely froths, just like it says it should.  You do have to stir it, though.  It's kind of like the hot cocoa powder packets.

You can't deny the froth!  Whatever their secret is, it works and I love it!!  I don't like coffee at all.  I like it to taste like chocolate if I have to drink it.  Chocolate is really good at masking coffee taste!  I'm never going to be the type of person who talks about "notes" and "hints of lemony gingerbread" when it comes to coffee. I worked at Starbucks and I know its a whole world but I never really got into all that.  Oh, you want a coffe with "light, citrusy notes"?  Well then, lets go read all the packages and find one that says that!

The one negative is that this does leave a coating/aftertaste in your mouth.  I think that might be hard to avoid.  I've noticed the other mocha type k-cups do this, too.  I wish I had gotten two of the packets because I would like to try just putting hot water in and seeing what happens to the taste.  Obviously it wouldn't taste like coffee but what *would* it taste like!?  I may never know unless I see these packets somewhere for sale :)

Anyway, so Gevallia Mocha Latte?  Yep, drinkable.  Totally froths!  Harder to say.  Difficult to get a sample unless you are the stalky type but a very navigable website, fun points program and there's a distinct and real possibility that the kinks with sample availability will get worked out in the near future.  If they had stock, I'd probably invest a couple bucks. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Superbox #4 Etude House Spoilers and Unveiling!

Superbox was inspired by our Memebox lovers, looking for full-sized products catered to specific needs. Each Superbox series comes with its own theme, designed to target particular concerns. Boxes in each Superbox series always contain the same products sourced directly from Korea, and we at Memebox select only the very best-loved items to bring to you at highly discounted prices.

Superbox #4 is the Etude House Edition!  It contains SIX full size Etude House items.  There were only 100 boxes available.

Etude House is a cosmetic brand that believes make up should be playful and not routine.  Their products are designed to be high quality yet affordable with a diverse color range in lovely packaging!

This box contains SEVEN FULL SIZE goodies!

Etude House:

Look at My Eyes Jewel (several color variations)

Dear Darling Lip Tint AD in Real Red

Silk Scarf Double Hair Care Mask

Etude House Play Nail Polish with 2 color variations (Slumber Party and Prom Queen)

Secret Beam Highlighter AD Pink and White Mix

Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence

Like 20 All Day Cream Pact- Early Anti-Aging Care

Out of all these items, the one I'd love to try most is the Like 20 Early Anti-Aging Care.  Yes, it is because I'm getting old! The polishes and bright lipstick aren't so important in the face of wrinkles (ooo, no pun intended)!

I missed out on this box and there were only 100 available.  I'm not too sad, I admit.  Memebox #8 is more my style!  However, I think my favorite box so far is box #7!!  Please restock it, Memebox, please!!

How do you feel about the Etude House brand? I've never used it so I'd like some opinions!

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Memebox #8 Spoilers!

Well, it looks like this week is the week of Memebox spoilers! And don't forget that the month of April has a grand total of TWELVE box releases! Most of those, sadly, are sold out and no longer available. If you want a Superbox, though, you still have a chance!

Memebox #8 was promised to hold 4-8 full and deluxe sized items sourced directly from Korea! The wonderful thing about Korean beauty products is that they are so far ahead of the curve on what is good for your skin. They have all the latest and best ingredients at the highest concentrations! This is why Memebox is doing so well and the products are so coveted.

This box has SIX FULL SIZE products!

Flower Men Energy Factory Moist Boosting Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid 25% 25g ($4)

Hairich Vedacell Hair Program Shampoo, 340ml ($23)

TonyMoly BCDation SPF 30 Pink Beige, 50g ($27)

Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack, 100ml ($30)

Secret Key Snow White Cream,50g ($21)

MAX Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Form Cleanser, 110g ($73)

That is a pretty amazing value! I can't wait for my boxes to get here! Out of Box #8 I think my favorite product is the Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack! I've been converted to what is called the Sleeping Pack! It's basically a wonderful overnight gel/cream that keeps your skin hydrated and gorgeous even while you sleep.

I don't know how important this is but it seems that when I go to look these products up online, the prices are always less than what Memebox has posted on the cards included with the box. The numbers are even different on their own website! Like the card says the Heart Face is worth $49 but their website says its $32 on sale for $30 right now. Hm.

Would you purchase this Memebox if it came back in stock? What is the product that makes you the happiest to see?

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From The Lab subscription on SALE at Gilt City!
Gilt City is currently running a very exclusive and exciting deal!  They are offering a 3 month subscription to From the Lab for $54!  
Currently, From the Lab isn't accepting memberships EXCEPT through this deal!  So here's your chance (and mine!)  

The Cost: Normally $29.99 a month but you can get 3 months for $54 or 6 months for $99

What you get: Up to three full size beauty products each month.  Some of these products can retail up to $200 each but each box will have a worth of at least $100

From the Lab is a beauty product manufacturer.  They make the products and then Shiseido or L'Oreal come in and say "We want that one" and then market it as their own.  So products from From the Lab dont have branding (well, From the Labs') or names in order to keep them secret.  Your items will come by number and full of mysterious goodness!

All their formulas are free of parabens, benzene, formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, irritants, nanoparticles, nitrosating ingredients, PABA, phthalates, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, toluene and mineral oils.

They do not test on animals.

These are quality products using quality ingredients.  It's like you get to go behind the scenes and try new products before they even hit the market!  Woo!!

Here is what their Editor says: 

Founded last summer, From the Lab is a beauty subscription service that allows its members to sample exclusive skin and hair products and cosmetics—before they’re picked up and marketed by the world’s leading beauty brands. Since these items are shipped straight from the labs (in the U.S., Italy or Switzerland), they are devoid of excessive packaging and branding that often raise the price beyond the value of the product. Each delivery will include up to three items—from hair care to color cosmetics plus skin care products—that can retail at up to $200. And unlike other beauty subscriptions, these are full-sized products that will last about 30 days. Your new spring beauty regimen awaits

I'm pretty excited about this! What do you think? I nearly forgot to mention that you can also get a $49 Best Of Box for $49! It will contain:

– Face Primer No. 327

– Eyelift Primer No. 328
– 24-Hour Face Cream No. 578
– Eye Cream No. 579
– Body Serum No. 580

I didnt get that one because I like getting more boxes :) But head to Gilt City, sign up and get your voucher for great beauty products sent to your door!

Have you ever subscribed to From the Lab? What are your thoughts? I'm still on the fence...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celebrating National Spinach Day with Plated's Bibimbap!

Plated arrived today!  It's one of my favorite things.  The menus are a little adventurous for me so sometimes it's just easier to skip a week but this week there were fun ones!

The first one I decided to make was the Beef Bibimbap.  When I tried to tell DH what we were having I think I may have mangled the name of the dish but he knew EXACTLY what it was and couldn't wait to dig in!
Plated is a meal delivery service.  They deliver fresh, ready-to-cook ingredients in a box right to your door.  They have seven meal choices per week.  Three of those are vegetarian,  the rest are lamb, beef, chicken and a fish.  You must choose four meals in order to check out.  This can be four of the same or two different meals.

The Cost: If you choose to subscribe, its $10/mo and then $12 per plate.  You have to order at least 2  plates of any one meal and you must have at least 4 meals  for your order to ship.  You can choose 4 plates of the same meal or 2 plates of different meals.  If you choose not to subscribe, you will pay $15 a plate.  The same rules apply.
What You Get: Everything you need to make a 2 meals for 2 or  one meal for 4 (unless you order more than that, of course)!  All ingredients are fresh and measured out for you.  All you have to do is put it together.
You can also use the code PUREWOW and get four free plates and 3 months of free membership!

Anyway, this meal was FABULOUS!!

It might be kind of sad how happy the fact that they send you everything you need makes me.  Already perfectly measured so you don't need to hunt for any kind of measuring utensil.
Sauteed the mushrooms with garlic and spinach.  
Fried the (already cooked earlier) sushi rice with sesame oil.  Heaven!  I don't think I can make rice any other way now.  Excellent.

Waiting for the egg to go on top.  I'm glad they sent an English cucumber.  They are my personal favorite because I prefer to have less seedy middles with more crunchiness.  This plate has only half of the steak on it.  It is a LOT of food.  They always send way more than two people can eat, in my opinion.  The bean sprouts were a little skimpy but other than that there was plenty of everything.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Memebox Superbox #5 Spoiler!

The original Memebox comes packed with 4 - 8 full sized products and deluxe samples, carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products.

The Superbox is for full-sized products catered to specific needs. Each Superbox series comes with it’s own theme, designed to target particular concerns.

Boxes in each Memebox series always contain the same products, and contents vary from hair and body products, to skin-care and cosmetics.

Superbox #5 has been designated as the Color Box!  That's not enough information for me so I went straight to the source for some more information.

The Cost: $39.99 plus $6.99 shipping

What you get: At least four full size Korean beauty products of the highest quality.

Superbox #5 is going to be for the colorfully adventurous.  For make-up lovers who make bold choices and love to play with color!

This box will contain at least one nail polish.  The other items will be full size make-up items in a variety of vibrant colors.

So I guess the question is: Are you the bold, adventurous and vibrant type?

I am not so sure this box isn't for me but I can see the appeal for those who creatively artistic in their make-up application!

This box ships April 16th.  Use code SHIP4CHEAP to get $7 off your shipping charges!

*affiliate links were used in this post

Memebox Superbox #3 Spoilers/Unveiling/Review!

Memebox Superbox #3 is the Hydration Box!  These photos are courtesy of Yinwai on! She received her box today and kindly posted photos!  It contains four full size items and three travel size hand creams.
This box is still available for purchase!  Use Code SHIP4CHEAP to get $7 off shipping costs!

The Cost: $45.99 plus $6.99 shipping

What You Get: 5-8 items, hand selected Korean skin care products designed to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Included are the The Dr.'s Care Vita-Propolis Ampoule and the JN Neoteric Mandarin Energy Facial Oil  which were the spoilers released earlier!
Also in the box is DKDN Real Lucent Super Aquasis Moisture Cream and Pure Plus Hand Cream in Rose (x3).
Last but not least, Magitree The Mist!

LJH Dr.'s Care Vita-Propolis Ampoule,15ml ($28) - Soothes, hydrates and illuminates skin with the anti-bacterial properties of beeswax.  Great for acne prone skin.

JN Neoteric Mandarin Energy Facial Oil, 35ml ($35)-An ultra moisturizing facial oil that enhances and protects the skin from dryness. This oil will bring energy and vitamins to your face!  

DKDN Real Lucent Super Aquasis Moisture Cream 50ml ($15)- Natural, pure oil prevents dehydration and contains moisture to keep the skin radiant and glowing. Collagen and protein that soothes and smoothes the skin tone.

Pure Plus Hand Cream in Rose, 30g x3 ($11 ea.)-portable highly hydrating hand cream

Magitree The Mist, 150 ml ($15)- A daily moisturizer with a botanical aroma prevents the dehydration of the skin.

How do you feel about this box?  I like it all except that hand cream and knowing those would be in there kept me from ordering.  I'd like to try the Vita-Propolis Ampoule and the DKDN cream, though.

Bespoke Post March Madness Coupon!
Bespoke Post is offering a great coupon right now!  Use code MADNESS to get 50% off on your first box!
This is a Men's subscription box but don't let that stop you if you want some awesome socks or a whiskey aging set!

Normally it's $45 a box but you can get it for $22.50!  This is an even better deal than the last Bespoke code I posted so if you didn't get a box then, you should get one now!

Bespoke Post does things a little differently than other subscription boxes.  At Bespoke you get to choose which box you want and you will know exactly what you are getting!  There are seven boxes to choose from right now, I think.

Here's four of them!

I got the Cafe one with a french press, tea, coffee and a milk frother! For $27 (with an older 40% off coupon) the box pays for itself just with the Grosche Madrid press!  I was going to buy one anyway to use with my new Criobru chocolate but getting this gave me basically a free milk frother and some bonus tea and coffee!

Memebox Releases Luckybox #3!

Luckybox #3 has been released today!  This Luckybox will contain items from previous memeboxes #2-8.  There will be ONE PRODUCT OVERLAP from Luckybox #2.

There is a limited supply of each Memebox series, and Luckybox was created to bring back our most popular items selected from previously sold-out Memeboxes, all combined in one wonderful collection. 
Each Luckybox contains a selection of products from past Memeboxes, occasionally including a few new favorites we simply could not resist including.  
Luckybox products are sourced directly from Korea, including only the best-loved items.
The Cost:$23.99

What you Get: "Every Luckybox is unique and is filled with 4 - 8 full sized products and deluxe samples carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products"

Use coupon code: SHIP4CHEAP to get $7 off your order!

It ships out April 15th
Another collaboration with banila co. is here!

It's Superbox #7 and they've included a whole different set of goodies from Memebox by banila co.!

"Whether you are the biggest banila co. fan or simply looking for a box packed with full size banila co. products, you are at the right place! Enjoy!"

From skincare to cosmetics, banila co. is well-known for it’s high quality, efficacy, and gorgeous packaging. 
The Cost: $49.99

Ships out on April 23rd.

Use coupon code: SHIPFORCHEAP to get $7 off your order!

I'm not personally acquainted with banila co.  Are they as good as they say?  I don't buy Memeboxes to get only one specific brand.  I get them because I know I will get a variety of items and brands to try.  I'm hoping to find that one product I can't live without!

Of the last few boxes released this week (Superbox #7, Luckybox #3, Superbox #6 and Memebox The Mask Collection I'm most likely to choose Luckybox #3.  What I really want is for Memebox #7 to restock! I want it all!

Julep Gift with Purchase!

Julep is giving away a Kassie nail polish, a bottle of Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat and a tube of Mighty Nail and Cuticle serum!  Use Code SHINE at checkout!
Spend $30 and get this set FREE!  It has a retail value of $60.  I wouldnt pay that much for any of the items so in my opinion it has an actual value of $30.  Even then, its a good enough deal that I might have to check out the Julep site and see what's interesting.

Don't forget, you can use the code FREEBOX and get your welcome box free when you sign up to become a Julep Maven!  Subsequent boxes will be $19.99 and you will be able to customize them slightly.  Your first box is set based on your profile style choices (you can change it to a different box style but you cannot customize the contents) but your subsequent boxes will have a little wiggle room for colors.

I did check to see if you could use a Maven box as part of your order and still use the SHINE code but no luck.  So, its one or the other :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Lioele WaterDrop Sleeping Pack Review

I was able to take advantage of an amazing deal from for a free sample pack of Korean beauty products.  I actually was supposed to receive two but the second pack has not arrived yet.  You can read about everything I got in my review post.

It might be a good thing that second sample pack hasn't arrived because the first sample pack already had a product that I loved so much I bought it!
That product is Lioele WaterDrop Sleeping Pack.  The sample was really small and contained only about enough for two applications but even with that I was seriously impressed.

On the box it says:
"By including Swiss Alpine extract, it is absorbed without stickiness and also formulates moisturizing film to supply moisture and nutrition onto tired skin by daytime to keep your skin moisturized until next day" (sic)  And it really does all that!

The first night I used this, I woke up in the morning with skin so soft and glowing I couldn't believe it.  The second time I used it, I got the same results.  So I went and bought a full size tube!  I was quite skeptical of the claims at first because it was such a weird texture and it was a strange bluish color.  There are no colors listed in the ingredients so it must result from one of the plant extracts?
The best ingredient is hyaluronic acid which is an amazing moisturizer and can hold 1000x its weight in water.  When applied topically, hyaluronic acid holds water onto the surface of the skin while allowing the skin to ‘breathe’.

Maybe its because of the hyaluronic acid or something else but while this splootches out of the tube like the above picture, the second you touch it and rub it in, it transforms into a liquid.  It has a very slight scent which disappears after it dries.  More clean than flowery, thankfully.  I don't like flowery scents.

It takes a bit of massaging to get it to soak completely into your skin but ohhhh the results!  Your face will glow!  It is water based so you want to make sure that it goes onto your skin before any oil based moisturizers or face creams.  I've skipped the last step of my normal routine since I started using this.  Usually the last product I apply is an oil based moisturizer which provides a natural barrier and keeps all the water based creams underneath it.  Loosely scientific, I know.  Oil and water don't mix!

One other side effect I've noticed is that in the morning, besides being soft, my skin is NOT greasy at ALL!  Normally no matter what I've put on my face the night before, I wake up with slightly greasy skin.  With Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack there is NO grease film.  My skin is completely smooth and soft.

So far,  I highly recommend this!  It is not, however, paraben free, so if you are only using "natural" or organic products, this is not for you, sadly.

*affiliate link used in this post.

Still Waiting for Nina Garcia NGQ02?

There is hope!

If you're like me and still wondering when your long-awaited box is going to show up, I have a small amount of comfort!
Quarterly just sent out another batch of pallets FULL of boxes on Friday!  You should receive your shipment tracking on Wednesday (or possibly earlier).  By the time you get your tracking number, your box will already have been on its way for two days! Yay!

I don't know why they do it this way but they do.  They ship on Fridays.  So all the boxes packed on Monday-Thursday just sit there in the warehouse while we start getting frantic.  Friday, off they go.

Or so it is according to the customer service counter.  Ah, well.  I wish mine would get here already!

For spoilers, you can read my post here if you can't wait any longer.

Klutchclub Offer! $2 Best of Boxes

It's a Klutch Klub Best of Box!  Brimming with $75+ worth of accessories, body care, skin care, healthy snacks, beverages, gift cards, and more, our Best of Box contains ours – and our member’s – favorite products. Based on our member’s feedback, we build each Best of Box to include the items that are most useful, most delicious, and all-around most awesome. Culled from each month’s top men’s, women’s, and mom’s products, our Best of Boxes are always evolving, so each box contains a different selection of items to look forward to. Our best of box contains a selection of our most popular products, with a retail value of over $75!
I'm letting you know about this in case you love Klutch club.  I am not too thrilled with them at this point.  I did receive a "free" box (I had to pay $8 in shipping!) and was not impressed at the contents. It was also a Best of Box.  It had a bottle of water in it.  Penta, I think.  I drank it but still... why put a boring bottle of water in the box?!

And I notice that this $2 box is $2 plus shipping.  Shipping is still $8.  So the box is actually $10.

But don't let my negative experience ruin yours!  If this is right up your alley, this is a really good chance to get a Best of Box for as little as possible :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Plated Meal: Polluck with Lemon Chive Fingerling Potatoes

Plated is a meal delivery service.  They deliver fresh, ready-to-cook ingredients in a box right to your door.  They have seven meal choices per week.  Three of those are vegetarian,  the rest are lamb, beef, chicken and a fish.  You must choose four meals in order to check out.  This can be four of the same or two different meals.
The Cost: If you choose to subscribe, its $10/mo and then $12 per plate.  You have to order at least 2  plates of any one meal and you must have at least 4 meals  for your order to ship.  You can choose 4 plates of the same meal or 2 plates of different meals.  If you choose not to subscribe, you will pay $15 a plate.  The same rules apply.
What You Get: Everything you need to make a 2 meals for 2 or  one meal for 4 (unless you order more than that, of course)!  All ingredients are fresh and measured out for you.  All you have to do is put it together.
I'm always impressed with the large recipe card that has great photos to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to do at exactly the right time.

I set the potatoes to boiling, then made the salad.  The salad was arugula which I know know that I don't like because its too bitter.  I used walnut oil and rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper for the dressing.  I don't know why I've been so resistant all my life to oil and vinegar dressings.  Maybe my taste buds have changed, thanks to Plated, because I'm loving this.  
Once the fish was halfway through cooking, the potatoes were ready to be strained, sliced and tossed in goodness.  I seriously need to learn how to get my timing right.  So far, I can't seem to do it without step by step instructions!

I used salt, pepper and garlic on the fish and the potatoes were spiced with chopped chives, lemon juice and Maldon salt.  They were supposed to be done up with lemon zest but my lemon went moldy.  This is one of the problems I'm finding.  It's not a good thing if your fruit can't make it 5 days once you get it.  I froze the fish after I got the box because I knew we would be going out this weekend and I wouldn't be able to get to it right away.  But I'm still surprised at the lemon going downhill so quickly.
The Maldon salt was flaked very large but basically melted in your hand.  It was very delicate and flavorful! I liked the fact that there was a new ingredient for me to try with this recipe.
The finished product was delicious and flavorful.  I enjoyed this a lot more than my last meal (the chicken tostados) probably partly due to the fact that I had less trouble with assembling it because I had proper ingredients.  Except for the lemon but you know what I mean.  No fighting with tortillas this time around!

VERDICT:  This was a tasty meal. The recipes are fantastic, I love how they send everything you need and provide a card to teach you how to make it.  I'm happy with their willingness to take care of product issues, as well!  They also have a GREAT variety of recipes to choose from each week, especially if you dietary restrictions.  At this point, I still recommend them and will continue their service.  Sign up to get the goodness!

Memebox Ends International Shipping on March 31st.

Memebox is taking a break from International shipping beyond Japan, Canada and the U.S.

If you have any Memebox points and you are an international customer make sure you use your points while you can.  
You are free to order any boxes until March 31st and they will be shipped to you when they are released but you will not be able to place an order after the end of this month.

Use the code: SHIP4CHEAP to get $7.00 off your shipping charges until March 31st.  
Their email said that they are a growing company and are having a hard time getting their shipping processes in order and they need some time to streamline their business model with regards to their massive customer growth.

It is my belief (and they have also alluded to this) that once everything is in order and their warehouses in the US are set up, they will return to providing shipping globally.

So!  For all you Europeans and South Americans and everyone in between, here's what you need to get before that final date rolls around!

A wide but unique range of hair and body care products, including body patches to perfume. 

The Cost: $23.99

Shipping date: April 23

*To celebrate the first special hair & body edition, we're giving you 3 bonus points!* These bonus points should be used by March 31st if you are International.

This is a Memebox Special Edition:

Memebox Special Edition was created for special occasions, or specific themes. Just like the regular Memebox it is packed with 4 - 8 full sized products and deluxe samples, carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products.

High quality, high performance, essentials: Classics.  banila co. is most certainly one of Korea’s favorite brands.

From skincare to cosmetics, banila co. is well-known for it’s high quality, efficacy, and gorgeous packaging. We wanted to create a box with goodies that everyone could love, everyday. 

*Please note that, Memebox by banila co. is a Memebox Special Edition, and the box only contains products from banila co.

The Cost: $39.00
Ships out April 15th
Memebox Global #11~#16 
And don't forget that Memeboxes #11-16 are still available!  Memebox #11 can be bought alone but the rest can be bought in sets. 
Also, all Superboxes except #5 are restocked and ready to be purchased before that March 31 deadline!
Read about Superbox #1!
Read about Superbox #2!
Read about Superbox #3 here and here!
Superbox #4 is the sold out Etude House box.  Only 100 were available.
Superbox #5 is the "color box".  I'm not sure what kinds of products will be in this one but I think I will contact them and see if they can give me a little more information :)

Love With Food Subscription Box Coupon Code and Spoiler!

Love with Food is a way for you to discover new organic, all-natural snacks without having to even leave your home!  They will drop off a curated box of unique, hard-to-find snacks each month for you to enjoy.
For every box they sell, they donate to the Feeding America Network Food Bank or the Share Our Strength- No Kid Hungry program.

The Cost: $12/mo for a month to month subscription, less if you choose to go longer.

What You Get: A box with 8 or more healthy, organic, all-natural snacks for you to test!

Use Code: YUMMY to get $10 off your first box.  Try it out!  It's easy to cancel from your Account page if you decide it just isn't for you.  For $2 you can check out some new snacks and you may find something you like!

Love with Food has released some spoilers for their April box!
First spoiler: BumbleBar!!
April 2014 Love with Food Box Spoiler - Bumble Bar

Spoiler #2: Canyon Popcorn
April 2014 Love with Food Box Spoiler - Crave Canyon Popcorn

And spoiler #3: HONEY!
April 2014 Love with Food Box Spoiler - Vintage Bee

Okay, I'm not gonna lie.  Chocolate Mint honey seems a little weird but they suggest putting it on your pancakes and waffles which would be pretty good.  They also say put it in your coffee and tea.

I dont know if I could pull off chocolate mint tea.  At least not with any of the kinds I have.  Maybe Orange Pekoe?

What do you think of these spoilers?  The honey is intriguing but I dont know how much use it will get.  I will totally scarf the popcorn, though.  Yum.  Bumblebars aren't *too* interesting but they'll get eaten.

This box is turning out to be really fun and I'm excited for it to arrive.  Have you subscribed to Love with Food before?  What kind of product did you find and love?!

Bulu Box Last Day for 50% off Subscriptions!

Bulu Box is a health and weight loss box full of samples of protein powders, vitamins, supplements and weight loss products.  I have received two Weight Loss boxes from them so far and have actually enjoyed what I've received!  And their customer service is great!

One of my samples had been damaged and I contacted them about it and they are sending a whole new box!  I was just expecting the single sample!  I'm curious now if I will get the same items or not.  I hope I do because I really liked the VanaPain PM bottle I got.

You can read my review of the March Bulu Box here.

Currently they are offering 50% off all subscriptions!  Use the Code: SPRING

This is the same deal I used when I signed up and I actually used it again to sign up for another three months because I've been happy with my boxes.  And for $5 why not?!  Its a great deal and I love getting full size products in boxes like these because it allows you to really get an idea of whether you like an item or not.