Friday, March 28, 2014

A new way to sample!

I randomly discovered a new sampling website!  I don't hunt these down on purpose, I'm not one of those super couponers or anything like that.
But when the opportunity presents itself and its EASY, I get a little excited.  Okay, maybe I'm a little lazy or maybe I just don't want to fuss with details like finding the right coupon for the right product somewhere in the bottom of my purse.

Still!  This new service has me intrigued!

PINCHme makes it really easy to sample!  Head to their website, sign in and pick products from their list that you would like to try.  Enter your address and you're done!  Yep, that IS easy!

The samples are completely random.  Anything from Gevalia K-cups to South Beach Diet granola bars.  I think I even saw hemp seeds in their past offerings.  So you never know what will be available when you log in.

This was the first I've seen of it and there was only one sample available, the Gevalia K-Cup which I chose Mocha Latte flavor (over Caramel Macchiato, I love chocolate!).

When my sample arrives, PINCHme directs me to try it, then come back to their website and review it.  Now, if you are anything like me, I hate writing reviews BUT the one thing that WILL get me to write one is presents.  Yep, gifts.  Free somethings.  Birchbox gives points, Glossybox gives points and do I write reviews to get them? Yes.  Yes, I do.

March 28, 2014

Okay, so I wrote all the above after I managed to snag a sample.  Now I know its a little more difficult to get a sample since they only post them on Certain Tuesdays.  I haven't managed to get any samples beyond the Gevallia and since I'm lazy when it comes to working hard for free stuff, I haven't been militant about stalking them much.

BUT today my Gevalia Mocha arrived from Pinchme!  Its a two part project.  The powder packet goes in your mug and the k-cup obviously goes in your brewer.

Forgive my Starbucks advertising.  I collect these mugs and I love them because they're huge!  This one is from London.

The best thing about this Gevalia Mocha Latte is how the powder crackles when the hot coffee hits it!  I'm wondering what makes it do that. It definitely froths, just like it says it should.  You do have to stir it, though.  It's kind of like the hot cocoa powder packets.

You can't deny the froth!  Whatever their secret is, it works and I love it!!  I don't like coffee at all.  I like it to taste like chocolate if I have to drink it.  Chocolate is really good at masking coffee taste!  I'm never going to be the type of person who talks about "notes" and "hints of lemony gingerbread" when it comes to coffee. I worked at Starbucks and I know its a whole world but I never really got into all that.  Oh, you want a coffe with "light, citrusy notes"?  Well then, lets go read all the packages and find one that says that!

The one negative is that this does leave a coating/aftertaste in your mouth.  I think that might be hard to avoid.  I've noticed the other mocha type k-cups do this, too.  I wish I had gotten two of the packets because I would like to try just putting hot water in and seeing what happens to the taste.  Obviously it wouldn't taste like coffee but what *would* it taste like!?  I may never know unless I see these packets somewhere for sale :)

Anyway, so Gevallia Mocha Latte?  Yep, drinkable.  Totally froths!  Harder to say.  Difficult to get a sample unless you are the stalky type but a very navigable website, fun points program and there's a distinct and real possibility that the kinks with sample availability will get worked out in the near future.  If they had stock, I'd probably invest a couple bucks. :)

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