Thursday, March 20, 2014

BeautyArmy March 2014 Review

BeautyArmy is the only subscription box that I'm aware of which lets you choose your samples.
Enter the site, fill out your info and they will provide a selection of samples based on your criteria.  You may choose six of the nine samples to be included in your box.

The Cost: $12/month.  I purchased a three month subscription for a great deal on RueLaLa.

What You Get: Six to nine samples of your choosing based on your beauty profile

I was aware of what I was getting since I chose the samples.  There was a nice variety to choose from though I did end up with some foils.  I was happy with what I chose.

Because you choose your samples, there is no included info card to tell you about what you've received and what value it might have.  I do have to say that I am IN LOVE with the pink fliptop box!  That is so going to be put to work!  It's way better than a cardboard box.

Montagne Jennesse Red Earth Clay Spa Mask-  An "unbelievable" Deep Cleanse with pulped pomegranate.  Uses a clay infused fabric mask.  I'm actually pretty excited to try this!
Full Size Value: $2
Included Size: FULL SIZE
Furlesse rows Fabulous Forehead- relaxes your forehead lines.  I got this because I was thinking of my frown lines between my eyes but its actually for the lines on your forehead.  Derp.  It's basically a long sticker that you wear at night.  Im so going to do this.
Full Size Value: $20/30 stickers
Included Size: 3 stickers
Dermis8- Carrot infused exfoliating soap bar. Made with apricot seed, jojoba oil, camellia oil and vitamin E.  I chose this because who doesn't need soap?  And because it wasn't a foil...
Full Size Value: $5/125g
Included Size: 25g
Amlactin Body Lotion- This special formula with clinically proven 12% lactic acid is pH-balanced for the skin and gently encourages natural skin cell renewal through exfoliation creating the soft smooth texture you'll love.  AmLactin® works deep within the skin and offers long-lasting moisture retention for real comfort.
Full Size Value: $11/8oz
Included Size: 2oz

Michael Todd- Foil Packet Set including: Cleanse and Tone, Hydration Boost Facial Serum, Citrus Cream Moisturizer, Wild Rose Petal Creamy Body Wash.  Foils, I know, but a great brand and I'll use them.
No idea about value for these.

Brazen Eye Shadow in Cold Shoulder: This is a dark SUPER SPARKLY eye shadow.  I would say that it is MORE SPARKLY than it is dark, actually.  It's REALLY SPARKLY!!  Yeah.  SPARKLES!!!  Not for me.  At least at my age! So up for swaps it goes for someone younger who can love SPARKLING everywhere in it :)

VERDICT: I'm glad I did this!  It's well worth the special price I got from RueLaLa (which was basically buy 2 get one free).  I like that I get to choose the samples.  That way I can avoid foils if I want to.  I will be curious to see if the samples change drastically from month to month or if the same ones tend to be offered more than once.

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