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Bespoke Post 'Cafe' March 2014 Review

Bespoke Post is a Men's subscription box company. Each month they will send you a "Box of Awesome".

Now, I am, of course, not a man. But my husband, thankfully, is! Therefore I can justify buying a Man's box, right?!

Bespoke Post does things a little differently than your typical subscription box. I am used to sample boxes. This is NOT a sample box. Samples are for women! A man needs a REAL BOX.

Each month, BP will release at least one new Box of Awesome. This means a limited edition collection of products packaged together - in a box. Each box is built around a specific theme - the goal is to introduce men to something new. And apparently the men at BP have rigorously tested all of the items that they put into a box to ensure they are top quality and worthy of man-regard.

These boxes are amazing. They are carefully curated to appeal to a wide range of male interests and I'm pretty impressed with the selections they came up with for the month of March. Obviously, I knew what I was getting because I ordered it but my husband did not.

The Cost: $45/mo. This is fairly expensive in my opinion but it seems like men focused boxes usually are. You can also easily opt out if nothing that month appeals to you. You just need to do it by the 5th.

Use Code: LONELY to get 30% off your first box!

What you get: This is the fun part. You get to choose what you get! It's theme-based but you get to see the items you will be receiving. Anything from a set of silly socks to a whiskey aging kit with all the accouterments.

I chose the Cafe box using the March Madness coupon that was available so I paid $27 for this box. This came with an information card on top that described three different ways to use your new French Press and talked about why they chose the other included items.

Here is what I received:

Everything was well packed and in perfect condition!

Grosche Madrid French Press- An all-stainless steel filter followed by a secondary filter at the spout ensure that your coffee grinds stay where you want them, and enable the perfect brew for a smooth cup every time. The hand-made beaker can be removed for convenient washing or replacement. 1 liter. I love this! You can tell immediately that this is quality press. No jiggling parts and the glass is nice and thick.

Value: $38 on Amazon.

Grosche Frother- Yay! I can finally froth my milk! It'll be like a real mocha! Hopefully. I kinda can't believe I haven't purchased one of these before.
Value: $14.99 (oh, thats why I haven't bought one of these. I'd have a hard time justifying that)

cafe integral for Bespoke Post- This is their Dulcinea Blend with beans sourced from Nicaragua. It is a small batch offering from their New York roasting studio with hints of fruit, cocoa and molasses. It smells like heaven. 6oz package
Value: $7

tiesta tea Energizer Earl Grey De La Creme- Earl Grey black tea, vanilla flavoring and blue mallow blossoms. All Natural Black Tea. Loose blend with a sweet, creamy taste. Umm... mine!
Value: $4.99

Total Value of box: $64

VERDICT: Bespoke Post is a great box! Yes, I did know what I was getting but I had no idea the value of the items. Especially the French Press! I spent $27 on this box using a 40% off coupon and just one of the items paid for the box itself! Considering I would have spent $20 on a French Press anyway, this was a slam dunk! DH gets the coffee since I'm not a coffee drinker. I'm hoping the French Press might get him away from K-cups at least for a little while. I can't WAIT to try the tea. I LOVE tea and this sounds amazing! I might have to call Craft Queen and have her test it out with me :D. Oh, and milk frother? Yes, please.

The original price of the box is $45 and the total value of the box exceeds that by a worthy amount in my opinion. So even at regular price this is a deal for me. Now one of the options was a box of socks. Worth $45? Never in a thousand years. Not for me anyway. The one I chose? I would have paid full price and been happy.

Do you have a man in your life who would like this kind of thing? My husband basically thought I was ridiculous but he's used this every day since we got it.

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