Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cate and Chloe VIP Subscription February 2014

    After reading a blog post by my new favorite person, Liz at mysubscriptionaddiction.com, I decided to subscribe to the Cate&Chloe VIP subscription program.
    For $39.99/mo you will receive two gorgeous jewelry items from their line up, as well as items that have yet to be released.  Signing up for this subscription gives you a number of benefits, including 20% off everything on their website and access to seriously good customer service.
    I was very impressed by my first shipment.  It comes wrapped so prettily!  And the jewelry boxes themselves are to die for.  They make girly girls like me very happy.  The little bows are magnetic!
     I first opened this glorious necklace.  This is the Jenna "Fair" Pendant Necklace and you can find it on their website here.

     Really, my camera does this no justice at all.  It is sparkly and gorgeous.  I really like the chain as well.  It's not so thin that you feel it might break but its still very dainty and is the perfect length.
    Along with that, I also received these fabulous Sarah "Princess" Pearl post earrings. They are available for a closer look and purchase here at Cate&Chloe.
     This next gift has a little story behind it.  In my very first shipment, I had received a very nice pair of gold and cz earrings.  Unfortunately, they sent two identical earrings when they should have been mirror images.  I had to contact them and tell them what had happened.  At the same time, I mentioned that I had some preferences (silver, please, being one of them) for future shipments.  I was assuming they would send me the same original item but correctly this time around.
     Instead she offered me the opportunity to choose anything I wanted off the website.  If you've seen their website, you can imagine what a hard time I had.
     At long length, I finally made a decision.  I admit there were things I might have wanted a teensy bit more but when I was 16 my aunt gave me what would become one of my most favorite pair of earrings ever.  I had them for nearly 12 years when I managed to lose one in my move across country.  I still have the other one just in case that other one magically turns up but so far no luck.
   So when I saw the Janine "Graceful" hoops,  I couldn't resist.  They are nearly identical to the ones I got when I was 16 and I just had to have them.
The customer service has been phenomenal.  I'm very happy with my subscripton.  And my bonus gift that I got for signing up.
You will also receive a bonus gift if you sign up now!  The promotion is still running.

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