Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cate & Chloe VIP March Review #1

     I am really loving my Cate&Chloe VIP subscription!  The jewelry has been gorgeous and very wearable.  Truly classic pieces and very much my style.

Last month was my first month and I received a bonus item as well as the two regular shipment.  You can read about those pieces here.

Each piece is mailed separately which makes me feel like I'm getting extra to begin with.

My first March shipment arrived today and I was so excited to open it up!

 As usual, great presentation.  This comes via USPS in a white bubble mailer but after that its all prettiness!
As usual, the jewelry comes in ribbon wrapped pillow box.  Inside is a card explaining what you've been sent and the actual jewel case.  I love the box and its magnetized closure.  It makes it really hard to throw them away!
My first March shipment is Whitney "Adventurer" Stud Earrings.  They are incredibly sparkly!  Even my camera phone picked up some of the shine.  These have butterfly backs which aren't my favorite but they look fantastic! 
These are studs, so they don't hang down over your earlobe but just cover it.  They are smaller than the size of a dime for sure.  Not too gaudy or ostentatious, thankfully.

I can't wait to receive my second shipment which should arrive on or around the 15th.  I really feel that the value is there for this subscription.  These are not diamonds, of course, but they are high quality cubic zirconia (they look as good as my Swarovski) and the styles are so classic, it's hard to go wrong.  While I wouldn't quite agree with their posted values ($125 for these earrings), I absolutely am willing to pay $40/month to have great jewelry pieces delivered to my door!

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