Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celebrating National Spinach Day with Plated's Bibimbap!

Plated arrived today!  It's one of my favorite things.  The menus are a little adventurous for me so sometimes it's just easier to skip a week but this week there were fun ones!

The first one I decided to make was the Beef Bibimbap.  When I tried to tell DH what we were having I think I may have mangled the name of the dish but he knew EXACTLY what it was and couldn't wait to dig in!
Plated is a meal delivery service.  They deliver fresh, ready-to-cook ingredients in a box right to your door.  They have seven meal choices per week.  Three of those are vegetarian,  the rest are lamb, beef, chicken and a fish.  You must choose four meals in order to check out.  This can be four of the same or two different meals.

The Cost: If you choose to subscribe, its $10/mo and then $12 per plate.  You have to order at least 2  plates of any one meal and you must have at least 4 meals  for your order to ship.  You can choose 4 plates of the same meal or 2 plates of different meals.  If you choose not to subscribe, you will pay $15 a plate.  The same rules apply.
What You Get: Everything you need to make a 2 meals for 2 or  one meal for 4 (unless you order more than that, of course)!  All ingredients are fresh and measured out for you.  All you have to do is put it together.
You can also use the code PUREWOW and get four free plates and 3 months of free membership!

Anyway, this meal was FABULOUS!!

It might be kind of sad how happy the fact that they send you everything you need makes me.  Already perfectly measured so you don't need to hunt for any kind of measuring utensil.
Sauteed the mushrooms with garlic and spinach.  
Fried the (already cooked earlier) sushi rice with sesame oil.  Heaven!  I don't think I can make rice any other way now.  Excellent.

Waiting for the egg to go on top.  I'm glad they sent an English cucumber.  They are my personal favorite because I prefer to have less seedy middles with more crunchiness.  This plate has only half of the steak on it.  It is a LOT of food.  They always send way more than two people can eat, in my opinion.  The bean sprouts were a little skimpy but other than that there was plenty of everything.

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