Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dinner Delivery by Plated with Code for FREE Plates!

I have already had one meal by Plated and I'm anxious to try the next!

Last time I received a delivery from Plated I didn't take any pictures which was totally wrong because the food was very presentable and tasted GREAT!

If you would like to try  Plated, use the code 20PLATED for $20  off your order.
I'm a little unsure about the PUREWOW code but it gives FOUR FREE plates which is AMAZING!  Do it if you can.  They do make you pay $20 for shipping but thats still a fantastic deal.

They do require you to choose 4 plates in order to ship it out to you.  They also have a membership option that is $10/mo and will give you $3 off every meal.  I personally don't find the membership a deal because I won't use it every week.  You can still order without the membership, though!

We had Skirt Steak with Compound Butter and a Pear and Gorgonzola Salad.
It was fantastic!  The directions come on a nice big card with pictures so you know what its supposed to look like.  I think thats pretty handy, especially if you have to do a sauce.

I still have some of the butter, it makes a LOT.  I have never made a flavored butter before and I love to cook!  I've been seriously missing out!

The compound butter consisted of shallot, parsley, orange zest and garlic.  ALL of that was provided, including the butter.  Placed on top of the steak, it melted into glorious goodness.

One thing that they didn't provide was seasoning for the steak.  I think maybe the butter was supposed to take care of that.  They did recommend salt and pepper before cooking the steak but I used my own favorite seasoning and I'm glad I did.  It went perfectly with the butter.

The salad that accompanied the steak was like nothing I've ever created before.  It was fantastic and I think I need to branch out a little!  It was a spinach salad with pear, gorgonzola crumbles, and walnuts.  The dressing was walnut oil and red wine vinegar.  I followed the directions and afterwards felt like there was a little too much vinegar.  Next time I would do less.  But for so few ingredients the salad was heavenly!  I will now include pear in my next salad.  What a great taste and crunch it added.  Yes, crunch.  The pears were far from ripe but still tasted great.  I prefer a less ripe pear anyway.

This was really a fantastic meal.  So good that I've decided to try another meal from them!  I will post my thoughts once I make the meal and let you know if I still recommend them!
I'm also thinking of doing a comparison between Plated and PeachDish

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