Thursday, March 20, 2014

FabFitFun March 2014 Review

The Fabfitfun subscription box is curated by Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun team.  In it you will find products for a well-rounded life!  Each box contains at least $120 of beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness items for $49.99.  However, the Spring Box has a value of $213!

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Fabfitfun delivers full-size, premium items four times a year.  It is not a monthly sub, it is quarterly.

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I always love opening the box and rearranging the items.  It always makes it look like so much!  There are a lot of fantastic items in this box, too!

Included in the box is a fold out glossy information card and coupons for Cult Gaia and Cover FX.
Merrithew Mini Stability Ball and DVD a 7.5" mini stability ball along with a DVD to help you get the most use out of it. :P  This is made out of the same foamy feeling material that the Popsugar ball used (and its the same size).  My Popsugar one popped almost immediately but I think that was because when it was packed the straw that helps you blow it up practically had cut right through the material.  So, the jury is out on this item but I love the fact they included a DVD.  As a side note, the FabFitFun insert says this is worth $28.94 but you can buy this exact thing on their website for $22.
Value: $22

The Better Chip Spinach and Kale-Not my thing but DH will eat them.
Value: $1.99
Cover FX SPF 30 protection primer $38   A primer with sunscreen that will keep you protected and keep your make-up on your face!
Full Size Value: $38/1oz
Included Size: FULL SIZE

Dermasuri Deep exfoliating Mitt- Slip onto your hand and buff away dead skin.  I will use this!  I just have to figure out how/where to hang it in the shower :)
Value: $20

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo-  So here's my thing.  I think I just don't understand how to use this dry shampoo.  Or maybe I'm expecting too much of it.  It's supposed to absorb excess oil from your hair and strengthen it with Vitamin E and wheat proteins.  All very good!  Except I can't seem to get it to absorb oil.   Maybe I'm being to shy with the sprayer and I should really douse myself. Hm.  It does say No White Residue on it so thats good!
Value: $25
Included Size: FULL SIZE
Level Naturals Shower Bomb-Menthol and eucalyptus revives you and clears nasal passages!  I can't wait to use these!  You put them in your shower (preferably on a ledge so it doesnt get melted away by the shower spray) and then as it melts from the heat of the steam, you are refreshed!  LOVE!
Value: $8
Included Size: FULL SIZE

Kai Perfume Oil- This was the second spoiler released and the reason I signed up.  I love the scent of gardenias.  Unfortunately for my nose, I think this is a little more floral than I was expecting.  To me, Gardenias smell sweeter than this.  This is a very nice perfume oil with a roller ball.
Value: $48
Size Included: FULL SIZE 1.8oz
Cult Gaia Turband- This was the first spoiler in the box.  There were several patterns available and I got the polka dot!  I think the others were floral and cherries.  I'm secretly glad I got the polka dots :)  This is very interesting because it is wired.  I had no idea that it would have wires and be shape-able.  It's pretty cute.  I can totally see using this in the summer.
Value: $48

VERDICT:  I paid $44.95 for this (I got $5 off with the Spring5 code).  I'm happy with the things I received.  I am sad that I don't particularly care for the Kai Gardenia.  I had such high hopes for it!  I'm not really a primer user but I could be!  Now that I have some, I'll use it.  I'm also going to have to give the Dry Shampoo another try.  I'll use the stability ball and the DVD at least once just for fun!  The headband is way cuter than I thought it would be.  However, the saddest thing is that my favorite items were the shower bombs!  The debate I'm having with myself now is whether I would subscribe to this again.  I don't think I automatically would because its $45 but if I saw some spoilers that I knew I would like, I would get it.  It's definitely a good value but again, value is relative.  Would I have spent $45 to buy these exact items? No.  But part of the value is the experience so that has to be accounted for.  I am glad I got this box and I will try the things that are new to me!

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