Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Free Korean Beauty Products from Beauteque!

I've just been made aware of a wonderful opportunity for those of you who would like to try some Korean beauty products but aren't quite ready to spring for a Memebox! is offering Sample Bags for free!  Here is the link

You may choose 10 foils if you are an International customer or 7 foils if you are not.  A bottle sample costs 3 of your foils so there are any number of combinations you can choose.  I decided on 7 foils and 1 bottle (since Im international). *Actually I'm not sure that I am since it looks like Beautique is from New Jersey.  We will see!

I will review my bag when it comes!

You can also do a little more work and sign up for a Social Media sample bag.  Choose three social media sites (facebook, twitter, pinterest or instagram) and they'll send you ANOTHER sample bag!

This really is a great way to sneak a little Korean spice into your beauty regimen!

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