Monday, March 24, 2014

Klutchclub Offer! $2 Best of Boxes

It's a Klutch Klub Best of Box!  Brimming with $75+ worth of accessories, body care, skin care, healthy snacks, beverages, gift cards, and more, our Best of Box contains ours – and our member’s – favorite products. Based on our member’s feedback, we build each Best of Box to include the items that are most useful, most delicious, and all-around most awesome. Culled from each month’s top men’s, women’s, and mom’s products, our Best of Boxes are always evolving, so each box contains a different selection of items to look forward to. Our best of box contains a selection of our most popular products, with a retail value of over $75!
I'm letting you know about this in case you love Klutch club.  I am not too thrilled with them at this point.  I did receive a "free" box (I had to pay $8 in shipping!) and was not impressed at the contents. It was also a Best of Box.  It had a bottle of water in it.  Penta, I think.  I drank it but still... why put a boring bottle of water in the box?!

And I notice that this $2 box is $2 plus shipping.  Shipping is still $8.  So the box is actually $10.

But don't let my negative experience ruin yours!  If this is right up your alley, this is a really good chance to get a Best of Box for as little as possible :)

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