Thursday, March 13, 2014

Memebox Luckybox #2 is Available!!

 memebox luckybox #2
Luckybox #2 has been released today!

Luckybox was created to bring back the most popular items found in previously sold-out Memeboxes and are carefully curated by the beauty conscious folks working behind the scenes at headquarters.

All Luckybox products are sourced directly from Korea.

It will have products from Memeboxes #2-#7.  It has a value of over $130! The items will be completely different from what was in the previous Luckybox.

I'm not positive if it will still have the Bounce Cheese Cream but it is entirely possible :) **UPDATE**
Memebox informed me that Luckybox #2 will NOT have the Bounce Cheese Cream moisturizer in it. 

Memebox is a Korean subscription box filled with full and deluxe size Korean beauty products.
It does seem like Memebox has clarified what exactly will be in each Luckybox.  At first they had said each Luckybox would be different but it seems what they actually meant was each # Luckybox would be different.  Just like a regular Memebox but you sort of know what will be in each box based on previous memebox contents.

Please note that all boxes in the Luckybox #2 series will contain the same products!

This Luckybox will ship on April 16th.  And don't forget that they might just throw something new and fun in there :) 


  1. Are you going to order it? Im on the fence about it

    1. I can't decide. I already have Luckybox #1 coming, as well as #10. I really want some items from Luckybox #7 (its so good!!) and that might be what sways me.