Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mirenesse VIP Club + $20 off Coupon

Well, I did something new today.  Maybe a little scary but only on the "OMG, what am I doing?!" front.

I just signed up for Mirenesse's VIP Club!  Mirenesse is an Australian make up and skin care company.   I haven't had much experience with them but they are apparently well-loved in certain circles. Some of their bestselling products are Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara, Mirenesse icurl Heated Lash Curler, Mirenesse Matte Liquid Silk Foundation and Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine.

I signed up using a code: VIP20

Except there's a trick to that code.
So... I wouldn't say that their website is very awesome which doesn't mean that their products aren't, but its a little confusing.  When you decide you want to sign up for VIP and click the button, a box pops up and asks if you have a code.  Well, at that point I didn't have a code but the fact that they asked made me curious.
Google saves me money again!  I found the code.  I still wasn't sure this was what it wanted but I chose the "I have a code" button instead of the "I don't have a code" one.  The weird thing is that it gives you a code if you pick the "I dont have a code" and makes you type it in.

Anyway, so I put in the code and filled out the information it wanted.  It makes you pay right away!  So in my cart, I now had a VIP membership for $26.  But Google had shown me earlier that there was a $5 sign up fee.  Google again helps me.  That VIP20 code must ALSO be punched into the coupon code box at checkout!

If you sign in and choose the  'I *don't* have a code' button and try to enter this VIP20 code in, it will not work (I tried).

On to important matters!

The Cost: $25/month which you can skip any time

What You Get:  The VIP program gets you 20% regular prices (up to 80% in some cases), a $25 voucher each month (which is basically your  monthly fee returned to you except that you have to spend $65 to use it), Free Shipping (this is what makes it worth it) and BEST of ALL (and the reason I signed up!!) a FREE beauty box sent every second month!

I'm going to be the guinea pig and do this for two months.  I have ordered the April Glamm Box (Skin care and Makeup version), a Surprise Box (which contains 3 full size mystery items) and something else that I already forgot.

The first month you don't get the VIP box since its every other month.  So next month will be the free box and we will see whats in there.  I've seen some pretty mixed reviews.  Most of them surround the fact that repeats are pretty common.  Since I only plan to do this for two months, hopefully that won't happen.

I'm pretty excited to see what I get.  It's kinda like getting a Glossybox.  Only on time. Heh.

Have you ever used Mirenesse products?  What are your thoughts?  I am a little concerned about the VIP program now that I've read a little more about it.  How was your experience?


  1. Thanks for sharing this, there are so few posts/reviews about Mirenesse and their products --atleast not ones that don't sound like paid reviews.

    So, was the free box worth the $30 ($5 + $25)?

    1. I didn't stay subscribed. You can see my review of the box:
      I didn't end up feeling like it was worth it. And I think there was some sort of catch that I wasn't aware of when I initially wrote this post. Like the free box was only 3 items or sone thing....

    2. Thanks for the reply, Sarah! Reading your review now.

    3. Haha!! I just went and re-read that review... I don't envy you trying to figure out what I was talking about. I remember being pretty unhappy there was no info card and no labelling.
      I think it was just too much work involved to make sure I was getting a good deal and then didn't like getting all the same brand.

    4. Actually, since I just wanted to see what kind of products are sent --in mystery boxes or their monthly ones, it didn't matter all that much to me that the items could have been mixed up. And, I actually prefer that companies don't waste more paper than absolutely necessary, but they should mention it somewhere on their website every time they send them out. The only other sub-box I've tried is of Julep's so it could be that too! Mirenesse, as a company, does seem a bit... dodgy --they delete customer grievance posts on FB, refunds take too long (personal experience)-- so I suppose it's not very surprising. Anyway, thanks for the reviews and replies :)