Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Garden!

I love my garden.  We moved in to our first house three years ago and we were surrounded by trees.  By surrounded, I mean that we had 108 trees on a quarter acre lot.  Everything was shaded and moss covered and the ground was always wet.
Last year we got the majority of them cut down (97 trees removed!) and with the tree removal came SUN!
The sunshine made a huge difference.  The back yard was no longer a moss encrusted bog.  The front of our house received sun through the windows.  It was a huge change and even though our neighbors might have been sad we cut down the screen of trees, it has made our life better in so many ways.

It also gave me the opportunity to grow some plants and flowers.

First I have to say that never in my LIFE did I think I would love to garden.  I owe my interest and addiction to my wonderful mother in law.  She did the most wonderful thing for me as my early birthday gift.

The front walkway of my yard is surrounded by a brick wall.  On either side of the walkway inside the brick wall are planting areas.

When I first moved in, both sides were completely bare.  But my mother in law, the saint that she is, went through her massive garden and picked out plants for me to put out.  Then she helped me plant them!

Well, that started me on the upward spiral to garden heaven.  Since we had fewer trees there was all this empty space begging to be filled!  I dug up stumps and pulled roots for weeks.  Dirty yet satisfying work.

Once all that was finished, I started buying plants and planting them.  Now, I don't pretend to know much about plants but I had to look a million things up on the internet.  I moved my plants around like musical chairs.  I still do... I haven't quite gotten to perfection in planting yet.
Still, from barren and awful, my mother in law and I created a masterpiece that wasn't fully realized until just last summer.
 These were taken in June and honestly, it might be my favorite month for my "Inner Garden" as I call it.  So much is in bloom.  It will be even better this year because I've planted a few more kinds of flowers and rearranged things a bit.  Hey, I said musical chairs and I meant it!
 I've heard it said that a garden is never finished and that's certainly the way its looking for me now.  I always think of something to try or do.  I have spent a LOT of time on the internet looking at plants, learning about zones and light requirements, etc.  My inner garden only gets full sun from June to August so I have to plan accordingly.  It's also SUPER soggy in the winter so I have to make sure the plants are going to live through that, too.

This winter has been particularly harsh.  We had nearly two weeks of 10-20 degree weather which is pretty unusual for this area.  Although I guess this winter has been unusual for everyone.  I've already lost some plants to that cold.  Four that I'm really sad about that are obvious because they're evergreens.  Well, not anymore. Heh.  Now they are brown and dead.  :(
Other things, my perennials, I won't know are dead until they don't come up.  I've taken meticulous notes and taken countless pictures to try and help me remember where everything is.
I did put out those white plant tags but they look so awful in the front yard during the winter.  All stark white and glaring at my when I drive up.  Ew.  So I think I'm gonna get away from those.

 One of my all time favorite photos of my Inner Garden:
 This is Pow Wow Wildberry Echinacea in the foreground, primrose, the little purple bells are Nodding Onion (a form of Allium), theres Blush Calla Lily on the left ( I particularly LOVE these because they were in my wedding bouquet), there's also some brown sedge, the bright green in the back is a sedum in a tin washtub (that's why its so high up), then there's monarda (bee balm) against the house with a tri-color willow in the far corner.
The black trellis is cemented in and came with the house.  It's staying because I can't get rid of it.  I was growing Akebia on it but I'm just not impressed with that plant at all.  The leaves discolor and the flowers aren't very noticeable.  So something new will go there as soon as I figure out what I want.

I cannot WAIT to see my garden this year.  I've planted so many new things and I'm really hoping that they all work well together.  You never really know until the next year anyway.  I hope everything lives.

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