Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nina Garcia NGQ02 is Shipping!!

I hope all you lucky people are ready for this!!

Nina Garcia's hand-curated box for Quarterly.co is shipping!  Tracking numbers go out tomorrow so watch your emails!

Also, thanks to a wonderful makeuptalk.com member, we now know that each box weighs 6.6lbs!

That's a lot of goodies in there!  Last months Popsugar was only one pound.


I'm hoping for one of Nina Garcia's books!  Wouldn't that be great if it was signed by her, as well!?  We already know there is a notebook customized by Nina and she said there would be several one of a kind, customized items.  I looked up the weight of a Graphic Image notebook and it's one pound.  That leaves 5.6lbs left to wonder about!!
Photo: #spoileralert my second box #NGQ02 @quarterly will have a must have for me... #fashionnotes. 

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"Being in the forefront of fashion, I am constantly exposed to new and wonderful brands, products, and places. I’m excited to share these magnificent finds with you."

I'm also still hoping for a clutch and some piece of jewelry. The clutch could easily weigh a pound but jewelry wouldn't weigh that much.  Except for the fact that theres 14 items BESIDES the notebook!!

As previously mentioned, the box (#NGQ02) will include 15 products that range from accessories, fashion, beauty, and home. Many items in #NGQ02 are exclusive, one-of-a-kind designer products created just for Garcia’s Quarterly box.

“Quarterly has given me another opportunity to express my own creative style, and I’m excited to share my exclusive anniversary picks with my fans and subscribers,” said Garcia. “I’m extremely proud of my five years with Marie Claire and have made sure to include some fabulous, custom products that have inspired me along the way.”  ~Nina Garcia for Quarterly.co

So anything is possible!

I can't WAIT until mine shows up!

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