Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nina Garcia NGQ02 Ships Soon!

It is confirmed!

Quarterly.co will begin shipping Nina Garcia's second quarter box on Friday, March 14th!  They ship from California so I should have mine in two days if they ship Priority Mail.  AHH!  Thats Tuesday!

For those of you who don't know, Quarterly.co is a subscription box company with a unique twist.  Each box is curated by a celebrity of some kind, whether in fashion like Nina Garcia, sports like Andy Dalton or a musician like Pharrell Williams.  There are also boxes curated by successful bloggers, businessmen, "tech-geeks", and writers.

Instead of a month to month subscription, these boxes are only sent out four times a year (hence, Quarterly).  The prices range from $50-$100 and are guaranteed to be worth that much or more.

I think they have quite a range of boxes.  I know they have plenty that wouldn't appeal to me (uhh, Pharrell Williams?) especially since they allow you to easily see what have been in past boxes to give you an idea of what could be in them.

Nina Garcia's curated box will be my first.  I was really impressed with the value and contents of her last box.  Curators are encouraged to have a theme and stick with it.  Nina's, of course, is fashion!

With her last box was a letter that labeled the box "Glam Grunge" because it was something she had been noticing more on the runways.  I've also noticed that this seems to be in line with her own personal style (although the box contents were a little more dramatic, maybe for the younger crowd)*ngq01_008
 Included in the last box was:
Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream in So Berry Sexy
Faux Fur Stole by Adrienne Landau
vbeaute It Kit Anti-Aging Skin Care System
Pearl + Luxury Soap
Bauble Bar Leather Studded Cuff
Jack Vartanian Ear Cuff

Now if you look at that list, the vbeaute system is $99.  The cost of the box.  The Jack Vartanian Studded Ear Cuff was an exclusive, especially designed for Nina by Jack just to put in her box.  A similar (yet with a better metal) earring is posted on his site for $500.  Yeah.  $20 for the Too Faced Lip Cream, $6 for the Pearl Soap,  Bauble Bar cuff, I guess roughly $30. The Adrienne Landau Stole, I'm gonna guess $40 because I can't find it for retail sale anywhere but she is a designer so that makes her things cost more :). Plus nail polish and a marie claire magazine and you're looking at at least $200.

Of course, if you hated all these items then it's $100 down the drain unless you can sell/swap them.  It's always a toss up with any subscription box.  Thats part of the fun.  But if you have to pinch pennies to get one, hating everything is going to hit you a lot harder.  Alright, fine, I promise not to inject any more realism into this post!  I sometimes hate being so practical minded.

ANYWAY!  These are currently sold out and there is a waitlist so you'll have to scrounge for trades or giveaways if you want to get anything from this next one :)

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