Thursday, March 13, 2014

Peach Dish March 11th Meal #1

Peach Dish arrived today and there was no resisting the goodness.  I had to make a meal right away.
Unboxing post is here.

Peach Dish is a fantastic way to make dinner without having to think.

Not that thinking is a bad thing but sometimes after work, you just don't want to have to concentrate on figuring out what's for dinner.
PeachDish solves that problem.  They send two complete meals for two people.  The ingredients are fresh and pre-portioned and everything you could possibly need is included.  The only thing you may want to have on hand is olive oil, salt and/or pepper.

For $50 you can have two meals for two sent right to your door.  If you want to sign up, you can use my code: kv0ldkLJ to get $15 off your first order!

The first meal this week is:
Rosemary and Dijon Turkey Burgers served with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Sauteed Broccoli sprinkled with Hazelnuts.

Does that sound good to you?  Because it sounds GREAT to me!

All the ingredients are included and pre-portioned for you so you don't even have to get out a measuring cup or add to the load of dishes to wash afterwards!  Fewer things to clean makes me happy.
The fingerling potatoes were sliced in half and tossed in olive oil and fresh (!!) rosemary.  Then roasted in the oven at 425 degrees for 20 minutes.  They came out SO crispy and delicious!
I like how PeachDish uses locally sourced meat and their turkey was no exception.  White Oak Pastures is located in Georgia (just like PeachDish) and they use their own free-range, pastured heritage breed turkey.
In the interest of showing the kind of gadgets you might need, this meal took one cookie sheet, one skillet for the turkey burgers, and one skillet for the sauteed broccoli.  Also, one bowl for mixing ingredients. And a fork.  Okay, fine, and a spatula to turn the patties.
Sizzling turkey patties and sauteing broccoli.  Included in the meal was one pound of turkey.  There's no way I could eat a half pound turkey burger (AND all the other good stuff) so I made three patties with one to save for later.

Once again, I really like the way Peach Dish organized their instructions.  Everything comes out at the same time if you follow their steps.  This has always been the hardest thing for me when I cook.

It took right around 35 minutes to get this meal ready from start to finish.  And it was amazing!  It's also a LOT of food.  DH scarfed his right down and luckily there's enough left over to have one more meal except for lack of another bun. :)

VERDICT: This was a great, flavorful meal.  It was quick and easy to prepare and the ingredients were fresh and perfect.  The fingerling potatoes were new to me and I will definitely make them again.  This meal reminded me to put turkey burgers back into dinner rotation, too.

I highly recommend this service if you don't like to cook but you like to eat good food or you struggle to find time to get the shopping and meal planning done.  PeachDish does it for you and like I said before, you don't even have to think.

OH, and I nearly forgot!  The surprise dessert was MoonPies!  I'm pretty sure I've never eaten one before.  If I have it was so long ago I don't remember.  I love the nod to PeachDishs' southern roots! :)

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