Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Science and Beauty

I've discovered a great website called  It's is written by a girl named Michelle who lives in Australia and happens to be a Chemistry PhD!

She writes articles that are easy to understand and deal with all things beauty related.

I don't know about you but my middle name could be "skeptical".  I have a hard time believe a lot of these claims that beauty products make.  I'm pretty sure its scientifically impossible to reduce cellulite by smearing cream on it.  It's not like you can change the shape of your cells with lotion...

Anyway, I've been curious lately about Retinol and how it works.  Or rather, IF it works.  I found Lab Muffins site while searching for answers about this and other things.

She recently wrote a great article about Retinol ( that I really enjoyed.

Here is what I learned:

1) "Retinol is a form of vitamin A. Other forms of vitamin A in skincare that you may be familiar with include isotretinoin and retinyl palmitate." retinoic acid, retinyl palmitate, isotretinoin, tretinoin, retinol and tazarotene

2)Retinol actually CAN help those fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness, roughness and dullness and pigmentation of age spots.

3)Retinol also works by causing your skin to increase the rate at which your old skin cells are replaced by new ones. It works mainly by enhancing the rate of skin repair, and increases collagen temporarily - but once you stop using it, the damage can quickly come back!

4)Retinol is an antioxidant.

5)Retinol breaks down with exposure to light and air. Pick a retinol product in an airtight, opaque container to improve its shelf life.

6)Using retinol with other excellent skin treatments like AHAs and vitamin C can speed up the skin renewal process, fading hyperpigmentation and wrinkles faster.

 My Takeaway:
I need to find a product with Retinol in it!  And it needs to be in an air tight, opaque container.  I need to apply it at night, not during the day.
I should also be looking at products that say they can reduce lines to see if it has retinol in it, whether as retinyl palmitate, retinol, vitamin A or isotretinion.

So Retinol is the real thing.  I need some since it looks like it can work.  The other great thing is that it can be absorbed by your skin!  And apparently, never stop using it.

Please check out to read more about the science behind beauty products!  She's got a lot of great things to read!

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