Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Garden Looks So Much Better and Other Thoughts.

I just have to post this.  This is a photo of flowers on my dogwood tree!  It is a Red Pygmy Dogwood and this is the first time in six years that it has bloomed!!  Previously, I think it was getting too much shade so I moved it.  Last year it was so unhappy with being moved that it did precisely nothing.

This year, though!  Flowers!!  Well, they're actually bracts but I'm calling them flowers because I want to.  This tree will only get to about 7ft tall.  It is a *really* slow grower.  It's also subject to anthracnose which is slightly infuriating.  I spray it every 2 weeks to keep that at bay.

My tulips are blown pretty much.  I do have some late ones that are just starting to open up but for the most part they're on their last legs.  As I do every year, I wish I'd planted wider swaths but when I'm out there in the Fall planting, all I can think about is how its cold and rainy and I'd rather be inside.

One tulip I absolutely love is Angelique.  She's a double but so far nearly every one has had two blooms!  I'm pretty new to the gardening world (I bought my first plant three years ago) but I had never heard of a tulip with two flowers from one bulb!

I take a lot of pictures of my garden because it helps me remember where things are.  I've lost a couple things by digging up a spot I thought was empty to put a new plant in.  It's especially difficult with perennials.  This time I did label things with those white label sticks but I just hate how it looks.  I should get a brown color or something.

 This part is something I'm still working on.  Well, I don't think I'll ever be done but I've ripped everything out of this section and replanted it.  I did find a new grass.  I didn't know it was grass and in fact I have no idea where it came from but I like it!  I need to thin out my Japanese Maple, dig up that yellow sedge in the front and put it somewhere else, and figure out what I want to do with that space.  It's very haphazard right now.  This is my project for this year.  To figure out what to do with this part of my entry way.
I love this part of my garden.  It's so full of stuff!!  In June it looks amazing with the monarda and chocolate joe pye weed along the back.  There's also a hardy hibiscus thats just starting to leaf out!  I dug out a tri color willow I had in the corner and I need to replace it with something evergreen.  Right now I'm leaning toward a camellia but I don't know how much sun it can take so its still in its pot for a practice run.  This area is in shade for 10 months of the year but July and August are killer.

My mother in law says that a garden will always be a work in progress and I can see she is correct.  Every time I go out there I see another thing I want to change.  I think I may have bit off more than I can chew because not only do I have my Inner Garden (the previous two photos are of the Inner Garden) but also my front yard AND my backyard!  Before we had 87 trees cut down in our back yard, all my focus was the front yard and all my plant love went there.  And before you croak about 87 trees, we still have 12 and our lot size is only a quarter acre.  Since we cut down the trees, we get sun in the house!  It's amazing!  We also dont have a backyard full of only moss and we no longer have huge puddles of standing water (no sun, no evaporation).
It also opened up a whole new gardening area!  My goal is to set up a vegetable garden but for now its just shrubs, hostas, heuchera and ferns.  Oh, and a glorious deciduous golden redwood.  Which I need to take a photo of since its so beautiful!

Oh, Yeah... I'm Addicted to Subscription Boxes... Fortune Cookie Soap.


So I know we all have our issues and everyone's are different.  Or maybe they're the same.  Well, I've decided I have a slight problem with subscription boxes.

Fortune Cookie Soap
I just discovered a new (to me) subscription box!  It's called Fortune Cookie Soap Box.  Every three months you will get a box full of soapy clean goodies!  These start shipping May 12th so if you want one, you better get in quick!

The Cost: $19.99/quarterly.  This box ships to Canada for $28/quarterly and Internationally for $34/quarterly!!  Yes, internationally!  I think thats amazing because I hate it when I find a box I know I would love and I can't get it because its only for Canada or Australia!  Oh, and thats the total.  Shipping is included in those prices.

What You Get: You will receive 8 mini-size exclusive Fortune Cookie Soap products all centered around handcrafted bath and body goodies!  You will also get a $10 gift card to spend on whatever you want in their online store.

Their theme (and they always have a theme) for Summer is Candy Aisle!  I love this because I don't particularly care for floral scents but I love sweet and fruity!

Now some of these items are bound to be ridiculous because from the spoilers that I can find there will be something that smells like Captain Crunch Berries cereal, something that smells like PopRocks, and cherry lollipop scented something!  These could easily be sickly but I'm going by the rave reviews I see and I'm hopoing for a great box!!

Check out this link to see their past themed boxes: Fortune Cookies Soap Box

The last day to purchase is May 5th!

I probably don't NEED this because technically I can just make my own soap and make it smell however I want but...  This is a subscription box and I'm addicted!!  To happiness!  Everytime the mailman drops off my boxes on my porch!

Plus the last Fortune Cookie box had hand sanitizer and bath fizzies and I can't make those (yet).

Memebox EarlyBird Special!! 24 Hours ONLY! $10 off NEW boxes!

Memebox just can't stop releasing new boxes!!  Don't they know how hard that is on our poor pocketbooks!!?

However these new ones are AMAZING!!  I'm especially interested in Superbox #13 which is all about caring for your pores!  I don't have huge pores but I'm still curious about their solutions for blackheads!

The best thing is that they are $10 off!!  $29 for each of these boxes and they ALL ship out on May 29th!  Granted that's a month away but somehow it seems so much closer than the June when my Memebox #10 ships.

Superbox #13

Pore Care Box is here to provide a fundamental solution for blackheads and enlarged pores.  We've made special efforts to include only the best of the produts for achieving flawless skin!  This box contains items full of pore care formulas.  From deep pore cleanser to pore tightening products!

Special Price: $29

Superbox #15

Our new Green Tea Box is precisely designed to share with you the long-cherished effects of green tea as a natural healing & purifying remedy. To bring the various health and beauty benefits of green tea to your beauty routine, we've included various selections of our favorite green tea beauty items

Special Price $29.00

Superbox #14

The time between 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. is when your body regenerates and resets itself for the next day!

This is why night care is so important for healthy and radiant skin.
Want a D-I-Y spa night? Night Care Box is dedicated to bringing you easy-to-use home care that intensely regenerates and replenishes your skin overnight.

Follow our night care formula and make sure you get enough of that beauty sleep - you'll be amazed at how refreshed you look the next morning!

Special Price $29.00

You know the only thing I don't like? None of these boxes say how many items you will get and they also don't say what the total value will be.

I like Memebox but they have sent out some serious duds in my opinion. Especially when you consider the Face Shop and Etude House boxes. Everything was discontinued! There were no new products in those boxes. The values were inflated for each product and they didn't even meet the amount paid! Count shipping in that price and it's really a bum deal!

I will say that some of these spoilers have made me reluctant to purchase anything other than a regular Memebox.  Oh, and Mini Memeboxes!  I got one of each.  I hope they're good!  Still, the boxes have been improving.  I was really impressed with the Burst of Color Superbox.  I think that was Superbox #5.  So they are improving!  Although, the Mask #1 was pretty meh.  I think there are spoilers out for Mask #2, too.  I should hunt those down.  I was *thisclose* to getting Mask #1 but decided against it.  

What do you think?  Are you going to get one of these new Memeboxes?  Did you get a Memebox you weren't impressed with?  Which one was it?  I'm always curious to see what people think!

Beauteque has Mother's Day Boxes Packed With Korean Beauty Goodies!

Usually, I think Memebox when I think of beauty boxes full of Asian skincare and beauty products but this time it's Beauteque!

In my opinion, the best benefit of purchasing Asian skincare from Beauteque is that they are based in the U.S.  This means no crazy customs issues, no month long waits and no problems returning things if you need to.  Free shipping is also available but that promotion ends today.
With that being said, Beauteque has some Mother's Day Boxes available that you can order and receive by Mother's Day!  They range from $35-$60 and have a great selection of products.  I think my favorite one is the Dream Box.  For one, it has the Lioele WaterDrop Sleeping Pack that I now swear by and two it has something I've never tried, which is a Lioele Nighttime Lip Treatment!  My husband is always saying my lips are chapped and why don't I wear chapstick.  Which I do!  *All* the time!  Maybe my EOS just isn't cutting it but I love it so much and it smells/tastes so good!

Dream Box!  The Dream Box consists of the Lioele WaterDrop Sleeping Pack, Lioele All Night Moisture Essence, My Beauty Diary Deep Hydrating Mask (1) and My Beauty Diary Under Eye Care Hydrogel Patch (1) for $35.  Technically you could buy all these separately for the same price which is disappointing however I have a coupon code for you!

Use code: ILOVEMOM4 to get 10% off any Mother's Day Box of your choosing!

I think my other favorite box is the Active Mom Box. With a Lioele Waterdrop high SPF BB cream and All Day SunShine Lip protectant this box is for moms who love to run in the sun!  I don't run but I'm out in the sun a LOT so a BB cream with an SPF is an absolute must.  I love that they've also included two My Beauty Diary masks, one with aloe for when you get back inside.  I've been using masks as often as possible now because I really like the way they make my skin feel when I'm done.  I'm kinda hooked and I can see why it's part of so many peoples daily routine.

There are so many boxes to choose from and they all have a theme!  You'll have to check them out at  Don't forget to use your ILOVEMOM4 when you checkout!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Glossybox for May 2014 Spoilers and Coupon Codes!


Just saying.  Here is a photo Glossybox posted on Instagram:

As soon as April sells out, this box is MINE!!

The Cost:  $21

What You Get: You will receive SIX (usually its five!) luxury deluxe size items every month!  In this May box you will also receive a $25 gift card to Bergdorf Goodman.

This month is SERIOUSLY luxe!  The brands they're showing are amazing!

As for coupon codes, there are several!  Use PINK for a Glossybox blush,  use SHINE for a free full size Too Face Glamour Gloss , use BONUS for a free Beauty Blender.  FANFAV will get you a free Belle Pierre lipstick.  I think FANFAV might need a 3 month subscription and HIP2SAVE will get you a free Glossybox blush on a 3 month sub.

Free Polish with $10 Purchase at Julep!

Get a Free Julep Nail Polish in Something Blue with any $10 purchase!  Yep, if you are gonna buy something at Julep, might as well use the code BLUE to get something free!  It looks like a pretty polish to me but I'm kinda partial to blue.

Julep is introducing Wedding Collections!  You know, for your bridesmaids gift or to get you ready for your Bachelorette Party.  They are $40 each.  I'm already married or I would consider this!  If I hadn't just bought five polishes already, I'd probably get more just because.

Our Bachelorette Party in a Box is perfect for glam adventures. ›

RueLaLa has Taste Trunk Subscriptions on Sale!

RueLaLa currently has a Taste Trunk Promotion going on!  You can get any of their Premium Taste Trunks (Health, Gourmet or Sweet) for $16 for the first month!

This will enroll you in a subscription but its really easy to cancel if you end up not liking what you got.  I highly recommend the Sweet Trunk and you can read my review here.  Here's a photo of what I received:

LOTS of good stuff and I can't lie about it.  The Crispery CrispyCake was my favorite thing.  Although the funkychunky Chip-Zel-Pop also was inhaled rather quickly when I put it out at a party.

I already purchased my RueLaLa voucher and I'm getting another Sweet Trunk for sure!  You do have to make an account at RueLaLa but if you love subscription boxes like I do, this shouldn't be a problem.  They really have been stellar in the subscription box deal department.  This is the fourth one I've seen in the last three weeks so I'm pretty impressed.

The Cost: $28.99/month for Premium and $23.99/mo for regular

What You Get:  Each Trunk comes with 5-10 premium, hand-picked sweet items from our favorite brands. The items change every month, but what remains consistent is the quality. Individual recipe cards are printed on vintage card stock specifically for the products inside.
There's no commitment and you can switch trunk themes or cancel your subscription anytime.
Your card will be charged on the first of each month. New trunks ship by the 15th of each month via 2-3 day Priority Mail.

I really liked my Sweet Trunk.  I also got a Gourmet Trunk but I think I'm not adventurous enough for it.  It had marinated artichokes, roasted piquillo peppers, a Spice Rub for salmon (that I'll use!), there was a bruschetta and a HUGE and AMAZING salt block for cooking on!  I loved that, I almost forgot!  I've even used it!

This deal is a great way to check out Taste Trunk and see if you like it.  I always prefer to do a test when there's a coupon deal!  So head over to RueLaLa and check it out!

Barkbox 40% off on Groupon!

Groupon is offering a fantastic deal on Barkbox today!  We loved our first Barkbox so much and I'm really glad we signed up for a six-month subscription.  The Groupon Barkbox Deal is so good I think we may have to sign up for another six months!!

For $42.50 you can get THREE months of Barkbox delivered to your home.  That's $14.16/mo for a box
For $79.99 you can get SIX months of Barkbox.  That's $13.33/mo for this box!

Barkbox is a great way to keep your pet entertained and we all know what bored dogs can do!  This is a constant rotation of new toys and new treats that both you and your dog will love.  You can see all my Barkbox Reviews here!

The Cost: Normally $29/mo, $24/mo for three months and $19/mo for a six month sub.

What You Get: Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

You get to customize your box based on your dogs size so you will get appropriate toys.  You will also receive a survey after each box where you can tell them which toys and treats worked and which didn't.  Mine were all perfect but one of my friends wrote that her dog needed super tough toys and they've been sending tough ones ever since.
They cannot, however, customize to allergies.  I'm okay with this.  They send good quality treats and many of them are grain free.  I have one dog who can't digest chicken but I just give those treats to my other one.

This is a Groupon Voucher so you will buy your voucher on Groupon and then take it over to Barkbox and punch it in.

*UpdateSee the latest Barkbox Groupon Deal here!

I'd love it if you used my referral code for Barkbox to get a free box added to your subscription!

If you've been on the fence about getting a Barkbox, this really is a fantastic opportunity to get a subscription.  I'm pretty sure they don't get much cheaper than this!

*affiliate links were used in this post.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Treatsie Sweets Box Subscription Deal!

The Cost: $15/month plus $4.95 shipping

What You Get: Each box includes amazing artisan sweets from 3 – 4 small, independent vendors, which change every month, and has a retail value of $20 – $25 before shipping. Boxes ship around the 15th of the month. If you sign up by the 15th, you'll receive that month's box. If you sign up after the 15th, you'll receive the next month's box.

Treatsie is a sweets subscription that focuses on smaller, independent confectioneries and sweet-makers.  This gives those of us who live too far away to ever shop at the bricks and mortar store a chance to taste some amazing things.
I'm going to tell you right now to prepare to be hooked.  The first time I tried this, I got the sampler kit, which had about five treats in it.  At first, I was unimpressed.  Five sad little treats banging around in a box.  Then I tasted my first caramel.  Oh.  Oh.  SO good!  That was the best caramel I ever ate in my life.  It was Dutch Apple Caramel.  These caramels are made by a company called Avenue Sweets and I *never* would have found them without Treatsie.

Here is the most wonderful thing about Treatsie right now!  You can get your first box for FREE!!  You will have to pay $4.95 shipping but it is SO worth it!  If you order before the 15th of May, you will get May's box.  Use code FIRSTBOX44 to get this deal!

April's box had a full size bag of Grey Ghost Cookies, along with chocolate, homemade DingDongs with chocolate mousse inside and peanut butter balls.  You can check those out right here.

I have no idea what will be in the May box but I'm really excited.  I cannot tell you how much I'm hoping for a few Avenue Sweets caramels to be tossed in the box.  Seriously.  Best caramel ever.

As always, thank you for using my referral link if you so choose!  Try your first box for free (okay, shipping is $4.95) and then you can easily cancel right from your account page.  Or maybe you will love your box so much you have to keep it!

Reminder! Allure Beauty Box Goes On sale Tomorrow!

Are you ready!! April 29th at 12:01pm EST Allure's Beauty Boxes will go on sale! They've announced what will be in them and here it is! For $44.95, all these items could be yours but you better be right there with your trigger finger ready because these boxes apparently sell out SO FAST!!

PUREOLOGY Fresh Approach Dry Conditioner - Value $22 (hair)
REDKEN Mess Around 10 Disrupting Cream-Paste – Value $15 (hair)
REMBRANDT Deeply White® Toothpaste - Value $20 (teeth)
RIMMEL LONDON Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara - Value $7 (eyes)
RUSK Freezing Spray – Value $18 (hair)
SALLY HANSEN Triple Shine™ Nail Color - Value $5 (nails)
SALLY HANSEN Triple Shine™ Top Coat - Value $5 (nails)
Softsoap Sea Kissed Exfoliating Body Wash - Value $5.50 (body wash)
TANTOWEL Classic Self-Tan Towelettes - Value $20 (body)
TARTE lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara – Value $19 (eyes)
ALOXXI Flexible Hairspray - Value $17 (hair)
BIG SEXY HAIR Get Layered Flash Dry Thickening Hairspray - Value $20 (hair)
BURT’S BEES Even-Tone Moisturizing Cream - Value $20 (moisturizer)
CARGO COSMETICS Essential Lip Gloss - Value $16 (lips)
CETAPHIL Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths - Value $7.50 (skin)
DEVELOPLUS Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System - Value $20 (hair)
DOVE Purely Pampering Body Wash - Value $9.50 (body wash)
FLOWER Nail’d It Nail Lacquer - Value $5 (nails)
GK HAIR ThermalStyleHer - Value $20 (hair)
IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better® CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ - Value $38 (skin)
NEUTROGENA MoistureSmooth Color Stick - Value $11 (skin)
NEUTROGENA Ultra Sheer Face + Body Stick Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 70 - Value $11 (skin)
NOT YOUR MOTHER’S Intensive Hair Unit Renewal Treatment – Value $8 (hair)
ONE ’N ONLY Argan Oil Cream-to-Serum Styler – Value $10 (hair)
OSCAR BLANDI Pronto Dry Heat Protect Spray - Value $24 (hair)

Memebox Luckybox #5 Spoiler!

Luckybox #5
I'm loving the spoilers that have leaked today!  Superbox #6 has been spoiled, Luckybox #3 has, too, and now we have the spoiler for Luckybox #5!

The Luckybox #5 is said to contain 7 of the most popular items from Luckyboxes 1-4 including one item new to Luckybox that has already been seen in a Memebox.

Every Luckybox #5 will have a Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream!  This has been all the rage in moisturizers lately.  If you are lactose intolerant, it's possible this might not be the thing for you since it is made out of milk protein (whey).
It's got the strangest consistency. Kinda stretchy like melted cheese.

If you have already purchased a Luckybox, then #5 will definitely have some repeats for you.  If you bought more than one Luckybox, this may not be the best box for you and you could always go for a Memebox Global #13 (it's still available!).  

Memebox Superbox #6 Anti-aging Kit Spoilers

Superbox #6
The Anti-Aging Kit has been spoiled!  Memebox Superbox #6 has some great products!  Every one is full size!

Creme Gelatea Night Cream (50ml)- Avocado and jojoba oil help keep the skin moisturized and nourished.

Secret Key Super Plumping Gel Oil- Combats fine wrinkles, moisturizes , smooths and brightens skin.

Elisha Coy WaterDrop Sun Cream- Oil free and non-sticky, prevents development of fine lines while preventing sun damage

Societte Eye Tangle Spot Black Gel- for eye, mouth and forehead wrinkles, tightens skin.  Infused with aloe and honey.

DKDN Bifida Perfect Essence Special Treatment- Helps regenerate cells, tightens skin, prevents formation of new wrinkles, keeps moisture in the skin longer.

Dr. Joy Sensational Forehead Patch (not pictured)- a forehead mask for preventing fine lines and wrinkles, tightens and smooths skin.

Chamos Acai Snail Repair Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream- significantly improves appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots around eyes.

What do you think?  This is an interesting variety.  Not just in products (sunscreen, eye cream, masks, essence) but in ingredients.  There's a little bit of everything!  I think its great that they actually included enough products to do a complete beauty regimen, with even a night cream!

I must say that this Superbox might be my favorite so far.  I think the value is probably the best as well.  Did you receive your box already?  What is your favorite product?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

May Love With Food Sneak Peeks!!

I watched the ridiculous Love with Food video so you didn't have to!  Here is some of what you will find in your May Love with Food box!

picture of product line
Giddy Up Granola- Gluten free, dairy-free and vegan!  I hope its good since it's missing all those things I love!  But this should make those on a limited diet very happy.
J&M Key Lime Cookies- Real butter and real lime.  I can't wait to eat these!

Flavrz Organic Water Enhancer- Low sugar and Low calorie with great flavors.  I'm hoping for Peach!

If you want to sign up for Love With Food there are quite a few coupon codes running around.  It's normally $12/mo for a Tasting Box but you can get your first box for just $2 in shipping with the code YUMMY!  LOVEMOM2014 and EMFRIEND will both give you $5 off (you can only use one, though) your subscription (or possibly even the gift version, I didn't check).

As always, thank you for using my referral code if you like!  You can also read my review of April's Box here.  I am very happy with this subscription.  The quantity and variety is great!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Memebox The Mask #1 Spoilers!

I can't decide how I feel about the contents of Memebox The Mask #1.  In my mind, the best thing included was the spoiler of the Keyskin patches, which I just realized was actually the spoiler for Mask #2.  There are several repeats from Memeboxes and while that isn't a huge deal, I was expecting a better selection since Korea is like mask central!


LJH Tea Trea Mask x2- For acne prone or oily skin

Yew Tree Stem Cell Perfect Calming Soothing Mask x2

Leaders II Red Energy coconut Bio Mask with Tomato

Leaders Aqua Dressing Bio Medi Curing Mask

Sep Face Lifting Mask (in previous memeboxes and luckyboxes)

Keyskin Gold Hydro Gel Eye and Spot Mask- with ginseng, collagen and snail essence. Full size.

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Patch (or maybe Etude House)- I'm actually not positive this is the Tony Moly one but it looks so close!

I'll try and update with more information later when I'm not so tired.  :)

I guess I expected more.  Masks aren't expensive, though the Keyskin is nice.  Maybe that's what they are counting for all the value.  Still, for the wording they used on their page ("packed with masks" "you'll never need another mask")  I was expecting an explosion of masks!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Memebox Hair and Body Spoiler!!

Memebox has released a spoiler for their Hair and Body Memebox on their Facebook but the boxes have already started arriving!

Here are the contents:

RosaPacific Real Neck Sheet- whitening and anti-wrinkle mask for your neck!  Full Size (one mask)

1004 Laboratory Kiss the Perfume Hair Treatment in Cherry Blossom- (full size) Replenishes moisture and protects damaged hair.

Annagaspi Brilliant Body Design Patch- (full size) 2 pouches (4 patches), a hydrogel patch that reshapes and firms swollen ankles and feet.

SD Hair Steam Pack- (full size) It's a cap full of argan oil, royal jelly (from bees) and black food (no idea what that is) which you put on your head after you shampoo.  Tape it on and then massage all the goodness into your hair.  Nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes your hair.

Kokostar Nail Therapy- (full size) Enriches nails with botanicals and vitamins to protect against breakage and splitting.  Three treatments.

Zivon Plu Scrub Oriental Jin-  a combination of exfoliating oils, including argan oil, with red ginseng.

Evas Rose Mine Perfume Touch- (full size)  One of three: Blessing Blossoms, Green Tea, and Gleaming Bijou.  It's a squeeze tube of perfume. :\

Golden Glove Exfoliating Glove-  It says one pair but it's probably only one?

I actually think this is a really great box!  This is a lot of fun, usable stuff and I'm really intrigued by the Hair Steam Pack!  If you get this box, you'll have to tell me how that goes for you!

Memebox Restocks Superbox #5 and Free Memepoints!

Memebox has done some major restocking in the last few days!  I did realize while writing this post that three of them already sold out again so....

Also, please check your accounts for newly added Memepoints!  These are based on the orders you made between March 1 and April 23.

Here's a list of all the currently available restocks:

Superbox #5

Here's the new boxes you can try!

Luckybox has been must-have items if you are a big fan of Memebox or also if you are new to Memebox!

It includes only the best beloved items from Memebox :)

For Luckybox #5 we've included 7 best items from Luckybox #1~#4 and 1 item from Memebox!

Cost: $23
Ships May 15th
It’s perfectly normal for a girl to want naturally glowing skin for a special day, whether it’d be her birthday, graduation day, or even the first night out with her crush.

Each girl has her own special way of doing her skin care the night before the big day, and so Memebox is here to share our most special DIY treatments to pamper your skin for a natural, radiant glow from within!
After all, the most important part of your special day is you!

Cost: $32
Ships May 21st

We’ve returned with Superbox #12: Free From Oil & Troubles for all you girls (and boys) struggling with oily, sensitive skin – a total pain in the neck!

This box is the perfect solution for you if you are simply sick and tired of your skin breaking out and messing with you at times when you least expect it. With our ultimate Superbox #12: Free From Oil & Troubles, you’ll be 100% prepared for any kind of skin troubles that may come into your way!

Cost: $32
Ships May21st
Every girl fancies a romantic night spent together with the man of her dreams.

Our new 10 Minute Box – the hottest Memebox yet to have arrived – comes with the most perfect make-love-happenbeauty products that will get you all polished up for a night you’ll never forget!

It’s already past midnight, and you’ve only got ten minutes to lure him to your side and make him fall in love with you. Sounds impossible? It’s not, anymore.

Cost: $23
Ships May 26th

Yes, some of the descriptions are ridiculous but that doesn't mean what's inside isn't fun!  I've got some Memepoints to spend.  I just need to decide what to do with them by Sunday!

Glossybox April 2014 Spoilers are out (plus codes)!

GLOSSYBOX April 2014
Glossybox April 2014 box is finally out making the rounds!  I found the above photo on Instagram.  In it you can see the original spoilers- The Caite Paint Pot and the Bella Pierre Super Gloss Lipgloss.

Also in the box is Caldrea body wash in Aloe Water Apricot, Aqua Spa Body Creme in Relax, and Lasplash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base.

I'm being perfunctory because what I'm really excited about are the codes that are out for subscribing!
First, you can use PINK for a Glossybox Blush.
Second, you can use BONUS for a free Beauty Blender Pure.
Third, you can use the code SHINE to get a free Full Size Too Faced Glamour Gloss!

Now your decisions will have to be which one to use (or how many boxes to subscribe for)!

The My Subscription Addiction newsletter came this morning with some really unusual news.  In it were some unique codes for Glossybox subscriptions.  One month is $5 off and 3 months is $15 off.

If you would like one of these codes please email me at agirlinthegarden @gmail .com and I will send you the code (I'll use the Glossybox Friend Referral and put the code in the accompanying comments).

Please only ask for it if you will really use it (you won't be able to use any of the other bonus codes listed above) because they are *only* one time use and I'm really hoping someone will be able to use the discount!

It expires in 39 hours so keep that in mind, too.

Love with Food deal on Gilt City!

Love With Food

I loved the Love with Food box I received this month.  It was my first one and was packed with goodies.

You can read the review here.

Right now Gilt City is having a deal on Love with Food subscriptions. You can get 3 months for $25 or 6 months for $43.  This is a 30% discount.  Normally, this subscription is $12 a month so its like buy two get one free!  Hooray!

I'm totally doing this because I really did like my first box and was planning on just keeping my sub.  Now I can get those same boxes even cheaper!  This deal seems kind of elusive.  Here's the link I received: Love With Food On Gilt City National.  I couldn't seem to find it just looking for it.

You can use my referral link to get 25% off your first Gilt City order which would make your Love with Food subscription an even better deal!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Darby Smart. Great Crafts. Great Sense of Humour!

Just in case you thought maybe Darby Smart wasn't cool, I'm here to tell you that you are wrong!  Check out what I just found in my email from Darby Smart.
I actually laughed and had to immediately click on the included link just because they sent this.  If you aren't familiar with the "hey, girl" Ryan Gosling meme then this probably makes no sense to you.  But if you are a true netizen you know what this is.

Darby Smart (and Ryan, right?) offered me a welcome coupon for $10 off!  You can use the code HOWDYDARBY to get $10 off, too!  

Here's what I'm getting: 
Hanging votives lifestyle 1

The Hanging Votive Kit-  So I've loved blue mason jars forever.  I just haven't bought any because I'm too cheap.  This was a great opportunity for me to get the jars AND get crafty at the same time!  I'm not sure that I will actually hang these outside, I haven't decided yet!  I don't think any of my trees are big enough yet.  Which reminds me I need to refill my hummingbird feeder.

I also got Mixed Media Kit:
Darbysmart feb2014  58
Now, I don't really like what they did with this.  Mainly because I really hate art with writing.  No, I can't say that.  I really hate art with "love" things all over it.  Gag.  But the colors and the style, I *do* like and I won't be writing anything about love anywhere on any of my canvases.  I'm going to make these and put them somewhere in my sitting room.  Or maybe my kitchen.  
Heres a picture of the supplies:
Mixed media canvases kit 1
Ooo!  I just had a thought.  I wonder if I could cut a bird out of the paper and modgepodge it on!  I like birds in art.  Personal taste is so... arbitrary, isn't it?  I'm sure while I love birds and hate "love" stuff someone else is exactly the opposite and thinks I'm crazy! 
I'm pretty excited about making this one.

Now, I got those using the HOWDYDARBY code.  I used the Ryan Gosling Welcome Code they sent me (welcome72 but I think its just one time use, you can try it, though) to get something else!

So, for $9 I got another craft kit!  This one is a DIY Decorative Pillow Cover Kit!
Diyd decorative pillow lifestyle 8 
Once again, I don't particularly like what they did with the pillows but I'm sure I can come up with something that will make me happy.  That's the whole fun of it!!  I love that they get everything you need together and teach you how to do it.  That's always the hard part for me.  Getting the idea and collecting everything needed to accomplish it is always where I fall off the crafty wagon.

I can't wait till all this arrives!  Darby Smart also has a subscription box for girls called Darby Girl.  It's $19 and each month they'll send you (I mean, your daughter) a craft kit with everything needed to get a finished product.  I'm actually thinking of doing this for my (almost) niece.  She's my best friends daughter and she's ten.  Her birthday is coming up in June.

Sample Society May 2014 Spoiler #2

Sample Society has released its second spoiler for the month of May!

Everyone will receive a Sonya Dakkar Nutrasphere Flash Facial Exfoliating Treatment!

I feel a little bogged down with exfoliators at the moment, especially since receiving one in my Ipsy bag but this gets fantastic reviews and is quite pricey.  

If we receive this size pictured (.4oz) this spoiler has a value of $40!  Wow!

Heres the blurb about it:

"Reveal fresh young skin in 1 minute! This safe and effective exfoliating gel quickly sloughs away dead skin and other impurities. Created with lactic acid to gently detoxify, Hylasome (5 times more moisturization than standard hyaluronic acid), and anti-oxidant rich resveratrol to nourish. Skin is left soft to the touch, plumper and instantly brighter. The results are immediate and undeniable. Recommended for all skin types.

Apply daily. Massage a thin layer onto clean, dry skin and allow to dry for 1-2 minutes. Gently rub off in circular motions. Rinse face with lukewarm water and follow with appropriate Sonya Dakar treatment product."

The first spoiler was Juice Beauty.

What do you think of this box so far?  There is usually one more spoiler before they send out the boxes.  So there's still three mystery items left.

It seems like this box is going in a very natural route.  Since Sonya Dakar is Vegan , juice beauty is organic and both products are paraben free (among other things).

My Memebox Luckybox #1 Restock Review!

My Memebox Luckybox #1 (restocked) finally got here!  It took 24 days.  Yikes.  Anyway, I'm super excited about this because its my FIRST one.  It was not the first one I ordered but it *is* the first one I have received.

This box cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping.  I might have used some Memepoints on it but I can't remember.  Also, at first glance, I'm glad I didn't get Naked Box #9 because I would have had repeats.
Looks pretty good, doesn't it?  So much good stuff, including the cheese cream everyone has been raving about.
Dear by Emprani Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream-  This is from Memebox #3 and is a deluxe sample size. This is a facial cream with a very interesting texture.  It is high in protein that should firm and hydrate your skin.
Full Size Value: $29/75ml
Included Size: 30ml

NoTS 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser- reduces the appearanc eof pores and refines skin tone and texture.  From Memebox #1
Full Size Value: $31/120ml
Included Size: 60ml

IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning Hometest Kit- This is an intensive skin-enhancing program that clears and smoothes the skin within 3 days.  From Memebox #4
Full Size Value: $60/168ml
Included Size: 18ml
A close up of the cheese cream.  It is really strangely stringy.  Like melted cheese!  It has a very light scent.
Glory Vegan Lacquer in Yanggaeng- a very sparkly maroon.  From Memebox #1.  I love this! It's really sparkly and it goes on SO nicely with no streaking.  It's almost a one-coater.  I could probably get away with one coat and no one would notice but me.  I'm so using this on my toes next.  It's a great pedicure color!
Full Size Value: $20/15ml
Included Size: FULL SIZE

Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint Red- Best selling lip tint in Korea.  It creates a gradient lips known as "Korean Lip."  Im not sure what that means...  This is from Memebox #3.  I tried it. It is RED!! Wow, it is RED.  RED.  Like blood.  On your lips.  It's kind of amazing, actually.  It tastes like grape.
Full Size Value: $3/9ml
Included Size: 1.5ml
Sep Face Lifting Mask- A hydrogel mask made with a special fabric used for (!!!) body shaping underwear!  I am not lying.  It says that!  It provides intense nutrition, fights the appearance of wrinkles, brightens skin tone and hydrates the skin.
Full Size Value: $14
Included Size: FULL SIZE

Nuganic Customize Pore Controll Essence- A concentrated serum that refines pores and rebalances skin.  It absorbs quickly to lock in moisture while visibly refining pores and smoothing skin texture.  contains triclosan, salicylic acid and chamomile extracts.  This is from Memebox #5.
Full Size Value: $46/30ml
Included Size: FULL SIZE

Too Cool For School Aqua Gel Mist- A gel mist with a high concentration of Trehalos which instantly replenishes the skins hydration levels and provides a healthy glow.
Full Size Value: $12
Included Size: FULL SIZE

VERDICT:  According to my calculations (which are always rough) this box is worth around $125.  I paid $31 (including the shipping) for it.  There are some REALLY interesting products in here.  I can't wait to try the pore control essence.  The gel mist should be fun.  I'm TOTALLY using the mask made out of body shaping underwear!  The polish and the lip tint are already in use.  I likely will trade the NoTS Acne cleanser and (eek!) the Bounce Cheese Cream just because I have other things I prefer to use.  My final thoughts?  I love this box!

If you would like to see more of Memebox, go here!

See the current boxes available right here.

Check my Memebox Deals page for all the latest coupons and news.

*affiliate links were used in this post :)