Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beauteque has Mother's Day Boxes Packed With Korean Beauty Goodies!

Usually, I think Memebox when I think of beauty boxes full of Asian skincare and beauty products but this time it's Beauteque!

In my opinion, the best benefit of purchasing Asian skincare from Beauteque is that they are based in the U.S.  This means no crazy customs issues, no month long waits and no problems returning things if you need to.  Free shipping is also available but that promotion ends today.
With that being said, Beauteque has some Mother's Day Boxes available that you can order and receive by Mother's Day!  They range from $35-$60 and have a great selection of products.  I think my favorite one is the Dream Box.  For one, it has the Lioele WaterDrop Sleeping Pack that I now swear by and two it has something I've never tried, which is a Lioele Nighttime Lip Treatment!  My husband is always saying my lips are chapped and why don't I wear chapstick.  Which I do!  *All* the time!  Maybe my EOS just isn't cutting it but I love it so much and it smells/tastes so good!

Dream Box!  The Dream Box consists of the Lioele WaterDrop Sleeping Pack, Lioele All Night Moisture Essence, My Beauty Diary Deep Hydrating Mask (1) and My Beauty Diary Under Eye Care Hydrogel Patch (1) for $35.  Technically you could buy all these separately for the same price which is disappointing however I have a coupon code for you!

Use code: ILOVEMOM4 to get 10% off any Mother's Day Box of your choosing!

I think my other favorite box is the Active Mom Box. With a Lioele Waterdrop high SPF BB cream and All Day SunShine Lip protectant this box is for moms who love to run in the sun!  I don't run but I'm out in the sun a LOT so a BB cream with an SPF is an absolute must.  I love that they've also included two My Beauty Diary masks, one with aloe for when you get back inside.  I've been using masks as often as possible now because I really like the way they make my skin feel when I'm done.  I'm kinda hooked and I can see why it's part of so many peoples daily routine.

There are so many boxes to choose from and they all have a theme!  You'll have to check them out at  Don't forget to use your ILOVEMOM4 when you checkout!

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