Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beauty Army Review April 2014


The mailman dropped off my BeautyArmy box today!  This is my second box from the subscription I purchased via RueLaLa.  BeautyArmy is unique in the fact that you choose the samples you want in your box.  You are given choices based on your profile answers and you get to pick 6 of the nine offered to you.

It's really easy to play around with your profile until you get samples you want but I will say that they tend to be small and there's a lot of foil packets.  I try to avoid those.

The other thing I learned (after I made my choices, of course) is that new samples can be added over the few days that your "window" is open to choose.  I was a little bummed because I chose the first day my window opened and the next day a whole bunch of Burt's Bees stuff was put up.  Sadness!  I missed them.

The Cost: $12/mo

What You Get: Six beauty and skincare samples of your choice.  Skip or cancel any time right from your account.

Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse- the convenient lemonade diet.  Yep.  It's got the lemons, the maple syrup and the cayenne.  This is where I am sad about the Burts Bees.  I basically picked this because there was nothing else.  /sigh

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse and Mouth Wetting Lozenges- And queue my Burt's Bees sadness.  Anyway.  I picked this one because it was the biggest.  What I do have to say is that is that it will be used but I think they need to change the name of their lozenges.  All I can think about is bed-wetting.

Mighty Leaf Teas in Organic Spring Jasmine, Chamomile Citrus and Orange Dulce- My favorite!  Tea! I love getting tea in my boxes!  I know some people hate it but there's some good teas out there!

Furlesse Elevens- Okay, so I got the Forehead ones last time and I wished there had been ones for the lines between the eyebrows.  Luckily, they were a choice this month!  Yeah, I know.  These probably do absolutely nothing.  They're just stickers that you put on your lines.  However, it is acknowledged that placebos have their place!  This can be my placebo.

BH Eyeshadow Sample Pack- Hollywood (purple), San Francisco (brown) and Malibu (gold).  A cute little packet of eyeshadows I'll likely never use.  Where was Burt's Bees when I needed them!?

ama.la Hydration Kit- Foil samples of their cleanser, face cream and hydrating mask in Jasmine.  I'll use these just because.  I like jasmine.  Still.  Foil samples.

VERDICT:  BeautyArmy is great because you can pick your own samples but I did have to tweak my profile a few times to get choices I preferred.  Apparently you can call customer service and request specific ones and they are happy to accomodate.  You would want to do that if you tweak your profile but dont get all the samples you want on one version of your profile.  Now that I know it's smart to wait a day or two, I'll do that next month.  I like this. Yes, some of the samples are ridiculous but I did choose them.  Everything except the eyeshadow palette will probably get used and even then... I might use that too!

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