Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bulu Box is offering Free Boxes!

Bulu Box is offering free boxes through referral links!  I don't know if you get a free box when you sign up (I didn't) but if you use my link you'll get a free box to try when you subscribe.

Monthly subscription vitamin and supplement subscription box
I've really liked my Bulu Boxes so far and the customer service is pretty phenomenal. If you decided you don't like your first box you can easily cancel.

I've liked my boxes so much I've extended my subscription.  I'm not eligible for the free boxes but I will get 100 points if you use my link.  The points can only be spent in their store (and I don't think it's really worth it so the points don't mean much to me).

But YOU can get a free box and I'm here to give you the opportunity!  You can read my review here.  You can sign up here.

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