Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fancy Mystery Box Review April 2014

Well, I titled this as April since I received it in April even though I ordered it in March.  Mainly because it doesn't seem like the Fancy boxes are having too much variation in awesomeness.  Meaning they mostly aren't awesome.  The first couple that went out were amazing but I think they hit the dregs and kept going after those.

My things came in a HUGE box.  Well, not huge in and of itself but huge for what was in it.
I did love the packing material though.  Funny little paper tubes.  I'm keeping them because maybe I'll need them someday... Hah.  Future hoarder?? Noooo!

My things!  And the funny white paper tubes in the background.  Almost as interesting as some of my actual products!

The Motley Gin Tonic Bath Salts:  This is a man's product so Im not sure why it was in a Women's box.  It's "worth" $14

China Glaze in Platinum: $6.99 Not something I would buy but I will use it!

Work Hard Stay Humble Wall Decal: Retail Value says $20 but this is useless to me.

Headscratcher: $8.99  I love these headscratchers!  And I have one already.  This will be a great gift.

So I spent $10 plus $6.95 shipping for a definitely not good box of un-goodies.  I thought about trying again but so many people have been getting the same awful stuff that it's not worth it to try again.

VERDICT: Don't do it!

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