Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fancy Mystery Box Review! Medium Woman's Box April 2014

I was soooo unimpressed with my first Fancy Mystery box back when they first came out and were only $10.  Plus shipping.  Which made that box of craptasticness a total of $17.95.  NOT worth it.  Now, however, has added new sizes and price points and after opening up my Medium Womens box, I have to say they've definitely improved.

These aren't subscription boxes, you can buy them whenever you feel like it.  Be warned that its a way for them to get rid of excess stock, though!

The Cost ranges from $10-$40.  The contents are a mystery!

They always send an envelop full of silly labeled stickers.  You'd have to really be in love with Fancy to use them.  Again, I really like their paper tube box filler and I'm still surprised they send such a huge box for so little product.
See what I mean?  The box is gigantic for what's in it.  Frankly, I was so happy not to see anything that came in my first box that it barely registered what was actually in there.

Caite Paint Pot Corrupted Neon Blacklight Set-  Now I didn't buy Glossybox this month because they had a boring Caite Paint Pot (nail polish).  Caite is obviously making its rounds in sub boxes since here they are!  This is neon pink nail polish, with neon pink glitter sparkles and a clear coat that makes everything glow under blacklight. I have no idea when I would ever encounter blacklight to make this fun but it's going to make a great gift to a little girl I know who will love the colors.
Value: $15.99

Stuff Every Woman Should Know by Alanna Kath-  This actually is pretty funny.  It's got "chapters" on how to change a tire, how to dress for your body type, how to write a thank you note, how to kiss a man, how to ask for what you want and get it, and how to cure a broken heart.    It doesn't have a super high quality binding but will make a silly gift.
Value: $8.99

45 degree Tilt Tea Mug- This is for loose leaf tea and allows you to control how long the tea sits in the water.  There is a red silicon "tea strainer" that sits on the edge of the mug.  I haven't used this yet to see if it works as described but I love tea and I have plenty of loose leaf.  It also seems like it would be an easy way to get your teabag out of your tea when there's no trash can nearby.
Value: $11.99

Archipelago Mulberry Candle Tin- This is a big candle with 55 hours of burntime.  I like the smell of Mulberry and actually just made my own candles using the Mulberry scent.  I think I did something wrong though because they aren't very strong. This appears to be from the holiday collection at Archipelago and is on sale for $10.50 with the regular price being $15.
Value: $10.50

VERDICT: Well, this box was ten thousand times better than the last one.  However, I did pay $26.95 for this box and I think I should have saved my money.  Yes, the value is there.  It's worth $45 but I'll only be using $22 worth of it (the mug and candle).  I will say that it is a lot of fun to get surprise items but in some cases practicality must rule!  This box is for those who have a little extra spending money and want a surprise!  Fancy is not a beauty subscription, it sends unusual products and gift items.  I much prefer beauty and skincare related items right now so this isn't the box for me.  I'm sure once my counters are covered and my cupboards are overflowing with lotions and tonics, I'll want to branch out.  So, for me specifically, I will wait a while to purchase another Fancy box.

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