Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Dog Box March 2014 Review + 50% off coupon

Happy Dog Box focuses on delivering healthy, organic treats for dogs of all sizes!  They don't send anything with wheat or corn and they don't send anything with artificial ingredients of any kind.  They especially will not send you any treats from China.
They also try to send unique toys from boutique brands in order to try to send you something you haven't used before!
The Cost: $28 for month to month, $25/mo for a 3mo subscription and $21/mo for a 6mo subscription. Shipping is free, which is REALLY nice.

What You Get: You will be sent 6-8 hand selected, all-natural dog treats, toys and other "super cool" dog products tailored to your dogs size.

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My first box arrived today and the dogs went nuts!  I think they could smell what was in there.  One of my dogs, Bugsy, has become obsessed with  helping me open my packages.  I think this started when I was ordering bully sticks from  Dogs are pretty smart, they like presents in the mail, too!!

My box is the box for small dogs since my boys are rat terriers and only weigh 15lbs.

The box comes with an info card talking about each brand included and why they chose it.  The front of the card said they were very excited to include a Sock Monkey from Pet Qwerks.

However, the info card gave lots of information on products we did not get!  Not sure what happened but we didnt receive a single thing listed on the info card.  I'm hoping its not because we got a discounted box thanks to a friend code!

Either way, this is a great box!  We received 7 items.  Seven shockingly appropriate items for my boys, actually.  Bugsy was very excited about this box.

Barkworthies Lamb Loin:  Free range, grass fed lamb with no hormones, preservatives or antibiotics. Bugsy scarfed this down in 2 minutes.  He loved it.
Value for one Treat: $1

Emerald Pet Smart n Tasty 5" Piggy Twist- All natural pork chew.  Dexter had been after this one since I opened the box so I gave it to him, especially after he was such a good boy and ran to his bed to wait for me to give it to him.
Value for one Treat: $3

Emerald Pet Smart n Tasty Medium Fresh Breath and Dental Care Chew- One one treat is allowed per day so I can't say how this treat went over.  Its got a lot of ingredients and starts with wheat so its not my favorite.
Value for one Treat: $1.50

Whole Life Grilled Chicken Breast Dog Treats- All natural chicken breast grilled, then freeze dried.  This is right up my alley.  I love this kind of treat for my dog.  It's easy to carry on walks, too.  Sadly, Dexter is allergic to chicken so he can't have any.  Bugsy will be happy, though.
Full Size Value: $16.99/4oz
Included Size: 1.2oz
Nootie Yumzies Grain Free Jerky Chews BBQ Duck Recipe-  Made with real duck!  My dogs could smell this through the packaging and *really* wanted some but they have to wait til tomorrow.
Full Size Value: $7.99/5oz
Size Included: FULL SIZE

Petsport Tough Squeaks Plush Marine Critter- Industrial Strength dog toy with a squeaker! Reinforced stitching helps prevent rips.  Well, this company must not have met my boys.  I usually get Tuffy toys in an 8 or 9 strength rating.  They rip all the guts out of all their toys.  And their eyes.  It's so funny.  No toy in our house has eyes left.  Or guts.  But they love their scraps and will run around playing tag or tug of war with a worn out scrap of fabric.  This was a hit!  So far its been two hours and it still has its eyes and appendages.  Bugsy has appropriated it.
Value: $5

Earthbath Grooming Wipes- Mango Tango fragrance, wipes away dirt and odors, conditions and shines coat.  One large moist towel.
Full Size Value: $8.99/100 count
Included Size: 1 count

VERDICT: I paid $12.50 for this box using a friend code.  It was REALLY worth it!  I like the treats, the chews went over really well and the toy is being loved on.  I will probably use the grooming wipes because why not? :D  Every item that I received will be used and that makes the value of this box even more impressive.  Click this referral link to get 50% off your first box, too!
This box would normally be $28.  I added up the value of this box and it is $24.  If I had paid full price, this wouldn't have been as awesome as a deal.  Luckily they make it really easy to cancel, no calling, and you can actually skip a box if you want to do that, too!  I'm ending my sub now because I have six months of Barkbox coming.  But I may sign up again later.  I really like that everything comes from the USA and is all natural.


  1. I think I got the info card for this box! I had the wrong card too. Haha.

    1. Well that explains it! I was trying to figure out what happened! Did you get the March box too?

    2. I did get last month's one and loved it...and thankfully I got the right card for it. I think I enjoy these dog boxes way too much!