Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Homegrown Collective March 2014 Slice o' Cheese

I don't know how else to say this.  Of all the subscription boxes I have, Homegrown Collective is the most unique and the most wonderful.  Seriously. This box is worth every penny.

The theme of March's box is "Slice o' Cheese".  I can't tell you how  happy I was when I saw the word cheese.  Really!

This month we are making CHEESE!!  Mozzerella Cheese!  Never in my life did I think I would make my own cheese, yet here I am all thanks to Homegrown Collective.

One of the big reasons I love Homegrown Collective is that they include ALL the important bits and some of the less important things as well.  They always include way more than you need for the initial batch.  They gave enough Rennet to make FOUR batches of cheese!

So when you are ready to make a second experiment with cheese-making, you'll still have everything you need!

Included in the box are: vegetable rennet, cheese cloth, herbs de provence, thermometer, cheese salt and citric acid.
The things I need to get on my own are:
1 gallon milk
8qt pot
a large and small glass bowl
a slotted spoon 
and a microwave (although they point out you dont need to use this if you prefer not)

This time they've included links to videos to help you out and also to provide more options.  I watched all three and I think I have a good idea of what I need to do now.

I cannot wait!  I wonder if I can make time tomorrow...

I made the cheese!  You can read about it!

But there's more!  This box isn't just about cheese!  Its about slicing that cheese!  With a knife that you've sharpened all by yourself!

Remember what I said about the inclusion of everything?!  Yes, they've included a knife to sharpen, safety gloves, safety goggles, mineral oil, and a very heavy dual grit sharpening stone along with the towel to set it on!  They've also provided careful directions, of course, on how to sharpen your new knife. 

Websites are provided to help you learn more about sharpening other items and to provide visual direction for those who need it.  I plant to check them out for sure.  I have a LOT of knives and scissors that need a better edge.

The Cost: For this box of amazing crafts, it's $39.99 plus shipping.  

What you get:  All of the above plus the wonderful experience of it all.  See my previous review of February's box here and here.  

Homegrown Collective strives to deliver seasonally appropriate, professionally curated products that deliver satisfaction of living a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle to your doorstep each month. You will receive a wonderful DIY kit that will get you on the path to "going green". 

I can't wait to get started on this.  It's nice to have a package show up that gives you so much to do.  I might have to get some friends to come over for the cheesemaking.  

What do you think of this box?  Or the concept?  I really like how hands on everything is.  I've only received two boxes and I'm hooked.

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