Monday, April 14, 2014

Innisfree Eco Fruit Lip Tint Review

Innisfree is a South Korean cosmetics brand that focuses on natural ingredients, purity and eco-friendly beauty products.

Beauteque was kind enough to provide me with a bottle of Innisfree Eco Fruit Lip Tint for review purposes. This new company has just launched and is a great place to get your Korean/Asian beauty products here in the US.  Their customer service is fantastic and super friendly.  Honestly, you feel like you are talking to your best girlfriend.

Besides that, I've always been a fan of companies operated by women.  With Beauteque, the co-CEO is a dedicated, up and coming young businesswoman and I'm excited to see her first venture succeed.

After sending me bags of samples containing Lioele and Missha BB cream and getting me hooked on several of those, I decided to branch out a little and try something by Innisfree.

This particular product is a lip tint.  I have never used a lip tint before so I really have nothing to judge my experience with this particular one.

This is an extremely liquidy solution and it is applied by a sponge applicator tip.

It smells amazing due to the fruit extract content.  It is formulated with raspberry and orange extracts.  This is suprising in a way because citrus oils tend to be hard on sensitive skin and I would think lips would react to that.  I didn't have any issues with that but I don't have sensitive skin.

The first time I used this I swiped it on with the brush like it was a lip gloss.  This left a ridged line of product all around the edge of my top lip.  I tried rubbing my lips together and this spread the tint over my lip line onto my skin!  Ack!  I wiped it off and tried again with a dabbing motion.  This worked much better.

The problem I was finding was that this tint does not apply evenly.  For some reason it would apply nicely to my bottom lip but not stick at all to my top lip!  Every time I pursed my lips together, all the color left the top lip and settled on the bottom one!

I tried again over several days.  I moisturized my lips, I exfoliated them.  I applied liner first and liner second. I used Chapstick first and lipstick first but I could never get a good application of this product.  You can see from the picture of my swatch below that it doesn't apply evenly.  And it does the same thing on your lips.  The edge tends to collect the tint.

HOWEVER!  I finally figured out how to do this!  You must use a lip primer!!

I used Julep Blank Canvas Lip Primer (which I received in my "Spring" Mystery Box).  This is the only lip primer I own.
Prime your lips and apply the Eco Fruit Stain.  It seems to resist soaking in but that is just fine!  Purse your lips or spread with your finger (don't use the applicator, it just applies more tint than you need). It is a stain so wash your finger off pretty quick.  The tint is a dark "lip color" once applied.  It is matte and looks incredibly natural.  I have pretty pale lips and this was so perfect.

I was so sad at first after all my trying but now that I've settled on the perfect way to apply it, I am in heaven.  I really like natural colors and I tend to be a very classic, neutral type of make-up person.  This is perfect!

If you choose to use this, it is definitely not a lipstick.  It will darken your lips and look completely natural.  It does not smudge OR come off on your napkin or glass.  I *really* like it!

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