Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ipsy vs Birchbox April 2014

I got my Ipsy bag today! I like what I received and thought I'd do a comparison post.  I know that Birchbox and Ipsy are very different but they are the only $10 subscriptions so they get lumped together a lot.

I see a lot of people saying Ipsy is better than Birchbox or Birchbox is so much better than Ipsy but the truth of the matter is that they serve different needs.  Some people are looking for make-up and some people are looking for a little skincare or make-up or just something interesting.

One thing that I do love about Ipsy is the make up bags!  I like getting a little bag every month.  Of course I can't use them all, so some are recycled and used to put make up bits in for my neice or are donated.  Really, there are a thousand things  you can do with these little bags besides throw them away!
If you have a suggestion on what to do with extra Ipsy bags, please post it in the comments.

I checked out my Glam Room before my bag arrived so I knew what I was getting but it's always so much nicer to have it in hand!  I did receive a Coastal Scents make up brush and it was too big to fit into the bag and was packed separately.

Coastal Scents Medium Eyeshadow Brush- This came with a 25% off coupon (brush25off).  Made from natural fibers.  I have several of these already so I may put this up for swap.
Value: $2.50
Included Size: Full Size

Starlooks Lip Liner in Nude- I need a new lip liner.  Well, maybe not *need*... Maybe want is a better word.  This is a lighter color than the one I currently own so it will get some use.
Value: $12
Included Size: Full Size

Elizabeth Mott Pop goes the Shadow in Champagne-  a shimmery neutral gold will always work for me!  I don't know about the quality of this shadow since I've never used this brand before but I will find out!
Value: $12.99
Included Size: Full Size

Urban Decay 24/7 Black Velvet Eyeliner-  this was the spoiler and it really is a good one.  Mainly because it's a great brand.  I have a lot of black liners and I've started collecting colored ones, so this isn't super exciting.  I tend to use brown eyeliners anyway but I've had fun branching out with the liquid Chella liner we got in glorious blue last month.
Value: $20 (1.2g)
Included Size: Deluxe Travel Size (.8g)

dr. brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant- I'm really excited to try this.  Okay, so it might be like all the other exfoliants in the world but so what?! It's new to me and I will use it!  Also, wow, thats expensive stuff.
Value: $78/2oz
Included Size: .25oz

VERDICT: This was a great bag for me!  It's probably too much to ask to love and use every single item in a bag but this was a good one.  I will use the dr.brandt exfoliant, Elizabeth Mott shadow, and the Starlooks lipliner!  I can trade the Urban Decay for something awesome and the shadow brush shouldn't be too hard to swap either.

Now!  For the comparison:
Full Size-Eyeshadow brush
Full Size- Starlooks lip liner
Full Size- Eyeshadow in champagne
Deluxe Sample- Urban Decay eyeliner
Deluxe Sample- dr. brandt exfoliant

Here's a picture of my Birchbox!  You can read my full review of my box contents Here.
Deluxe Sample- Klorane Dry Shampoo
Deluxe Sample- Paula's Choice BHA 2%
Deluxe Sample- Cynthia Rowley Eye Liner in Black
Sample Size- Supergoop sunscreen
Sample Bar- Kind Maple and Pumpkin Seed

Ipsy has better sizes this month, for sure.  Also, Ipsy has a nice variety of items including make-up, tools and skincare.  
Birchbox had smaller sample sizes, two skincare items, one haircare, one make up and one food item.  Great variety!   
Ipsy has better brands although some might not agree because Birchbox has Klorane and Supergoop.  
Urban Decay trumps Cynthia Rowley in the eye liner department.

Personally, Ipsy was better for me this month!  I admit I was a little disappointed by my Birchbox selection. However, everything I don't use will go up for swaps for something I *will* use so it's all good in the end for me.  If I couldn't swap, I'd probably unsub from Birchbox and keep Ipsy.  Except then I'd probably sign right back up because I missed it.  So, I just keep both because they make me happy in different ways.

How did your bags stack up for you this month?  And if you have good ideas on how to recycle or reuse your Ipsy bags, let us know!

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