Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Julep $20 Coupon Code and Redemption Story

Since Julep managed to get themselves back on my good side.  I decided I would post this deal.

Spend $50 and use code SPRING20 to get $20 off.  Not too shabby.

After I received my Spring Mystery Box and was so disappointed, I emailed customer service and told them about it.  I thought for sure they wouldn't care.  I'm not a Maven and I only just discovered them in January.

However, they sent me a gift card for $14 which was to cover the purchase of one new polish.  If you are anything like me, then you think anything over $8 for a nail polish is highway robbery.  It's nail polish!  You can actually make your own with the purchase of a few ingredients! Yes, that's true. :)

So I went over to the Julep website, armed with my gift card and with the foreknowledge of many coupon codes!  I ended up with 5 new nail polishes all in beautiful colors.  Pinks, blues and purples.

After my gift card and perk30 and with 2 of the polishes being at add on prices, I checked out with a total of $12.86.  Which was basically tax and shipping plus one polish.

Well, my package shipped and should arrive tomorrow but I got an email today saying that one of the polish colors I had chosen (Eden) was discontinued and would I like a refund or a gift card to purchase another one.  Well, Eden was only $4.99.  So I could take a $5 refund which is decent.  Unless they decided to take off the perk30 code amount.  Which would reduce my refund to... well, I'm not good at math so let's just say it would be less than $5.

I came up with a plan.  Instead of asking for a refund or a credit to my account, I would ask for a different nail polish!  So I found a different blue nail polish (seriously, Eden was a fantastic blue and I'm so sad I'm not getting it) and I emailed them if they could replace my Eden with the new nail polish (which was $14).  I'm sneaky like that sometimes.

I heard back today and they agreed to send me the new polish and it will be sent separately from my original order.  Obviously.  Since my other order has already shipped.  What would be really awesome is if Eden is in there anyway.  I can't believe they didn't notice that they had no Edens until three days after my order had shipped (not even three days after I ordered but three days after I got the shipping notice!)

So anyway, since Julep managed to redeem themselves, I'll allow you to spend your money at Julep.  I will also warn you that their Mystery Boxes suck and to stay away from them.  :)

How have you found the Julep customer service?  Were they good to you? Or did you have a bad experience?

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