Thursday, April 10, 2014

Julep Spring Mystery Box Review and Rant

This is a review for the Julep Mystery Box for April 2014.  I ordered the Mystery Box without Emerson or Kimberly.

I am so unhappy right now.  Julep has done us wrong.  Those of use who chose to branch out a little and go for the full Spring Mystery box really got the shaft.

Now let me ask you one question.

Do you see Spring colors?!  Because I sure don't.  What I see is leftover Fall colors.
These are the colors I received:

Daria- Slate Gray Creme
Claudette- Brick Red Creme
Kendra- Army Green Frost 
Dahlia- Goldenrod Microglitter

First of all, Kendra is in the Welcome Box and should never be anywhere else.  Ever.  Because most people who are buying from Julep are going to have received a Welcome Box.  They may  not have chosen Bombshell but seriously... Don't put Welcome Box colors in a Mystery Box.  Ever.

I actually was so upset about this that I emailed them and told them what I thought.  Which is REALLY unusual for me!  I'm sure they'll say too bad, so sad.  But fooey on them, unless they do something about it, I will never buy from them again, I will delete all my posts advertising their deals and I will never say anything nice about them again.  So there! /grumpypants
The other things I received from them are great!

Julep Lip Plumping Primer-$22  I totally want and need this!  We will see if Julep's formulation is good.

Julep Nail Mask- $6  Not sure what this does exactly but hydrated fingers are good.

Glycolic Hand Scrub sample foil- I'll use this but I don't really need it.  Fun, though.
Julep Lip Vernis in Zinnia- currently $4.99 on their site and sold out.  Or out of stock.  Or discontinued is more like it.  See the bad thoughts I have about this place now?  Pawning off the stuff they don't want any more on us unsuspecting souls?!

I'll change my tune if they make good on their "Spring" Claim by sending me new polishes.  I even said I'd return the ones they sent me.  I know it says they don't do returns so they probably won't do anything for me but that is FALSE ADVERTISING!

VERDICT:  As of now, I will enjoy my non-nail products from Julep and never purchase from them again.  Ugh.  I can't believe how grumpy this made me.


  1. Aww bummer. Sorry to see that your box was un-springly :( Hopefully the lip primer somewhat made up for it!

    1. Julep actually made it up to me! I need to update my post to reflect that. They sent me a gift card for $14 to make up for it. Im happy to be able to pick a polish I know I will like but I do think I will stay away from mystery boxes for awhile! The lip primer is actually quite nice and besides the polishes I was happy with what I received.

    2. Sweet! Glad to hear it wasn't a total bust. Hope you find something you like!