Thursday, April 17, 2014

Love with Food April 2014 Review

I just got my April Love with Food box and I am seriously ready to DIG IN!

Love with Food is a subscription box that sends you samples of healthy, tasty snacks and goodies. They focus on natural and organic snacks and send a box every month filled with new things for you to try.

The Cost: $10/mo

What You Get:  A curated box of 8 unique, hard-to-find tasty snacks which varies based on seasonal themes.

Use Code YUMMY to get your first box for $2 and if that doesn't work use code EMFRIEND to get $5 off!

Everything about this box screamed SPRING when I opened it.  Seriously, I was happy just looking at the wrapping!

This box was so packed with goodies, I couldn't believe it!  There was a total of 8 products and a plethora of coupons to use.  This was my very first box and I am so happy I decided to get it!  I was thinking maybe there would be too many things I wouldn't like but I guarantee you, every single thing in this box will be eaten with happiness.

Meli Honey Waffle- Traditional Belgian street fare features creamy honey filling sandwiched between two wafers.  So, umm, yeah.  First thing eaten?  This.  It's very thin and has a texture I feel like I know but I can't think of what to compare it to.  It's a little chewy but its so thin it practically melts in your mouth. It tastes of honey and cinnamon.  I had it with my tea!

Bumblebar Organic Energy Bar in Amazing Almond-  At first I was thinking this was kinda boring since you can find them anywhere.  But Amazing almond is tasty!  I don't usually go for Gluten Free items but this wasn't bad.  I shared it with my husband because I was already filling up because of the Meli Honey Waffle.  
Vintage Bee Creamed Honey with Chocolate Mint- Chocolate mint enhanced honey packed with natural energy.  The perfect pick me up.  So of all the things that were shown as spoilers, this intrigued me the most.  So of course I had to try it.  It's a dark brown color and definitely tastes like mint.  And then chocolate! It's a little gritty.  I don't think I would put it in tea but its pretty tasty just on its own.

Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Heart-tee- A tangy deep-red floral tea, rumored to lower anxiety and stress, among other benefits.  I love tea so I will drink this (not yet because I'm drinking my gen-maicha from Japan with ginger syrup right now).  The health benefits are probably negligible.

Sahale Snacks Almonds with Cranberries, Honey and Sea Salt- A salty-sweet protein packed treat.  I really like Sahale snacks.  In fact I took some on our trip (Pomegranate and Vanilla Cashews and they were SO good!).

Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spread by Rioni Di Asiago in  Blueberry-  I was a little bummed that while the package says Strawberry all over it, I received a packet of Blueberry but oh well.  It will definitely get used.
Did I save the best for last??  Maybe!!  I'm so full right now from trying all the other things that I'm not going to open either one of these.  You'll have to get your own box for that!

Crave Canyon Popcorn in Aged White Cheddar and Hatch Green Chile- A uniquely flavored, non GMO popcorn.  I bet it is so good. Must.Wait.

Sensible Foods Orchard Blend Crunch Dried Fruit- This has apples, peaches and apricots in it.  I can't wait to taste it!  This is real fruit with no preservatives.  I find that freeze dried fruit can go either way.  It can be really good or it can just taste funny.  We'll see how this one stacks up!

VERDICT:  So you may notice that I didn't put the values down.  While part of that is because I'm lazy, the other part is because this box just *does* it for me.  Just eyeballing it, I really am sure I got my $10 worth.  And that dried fruit is probably $4 on its own.  That stuff is crazy expensive.  I think I found my favorite food box!  At $10 a month this is a lot of fun and totally worth it.  I can't wait to see what I get next month!  If this box looks good to you, head over to Love With Food and sign up!  As always, I appreciate any use of my referral links because they help keep these reviews coming!

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