Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lust Have It Spoiler for April 2014!

Lust Have It has released a spoiler for their April 2014 box!

This month every subscriber will receive a full size Claytime Bronzer!  I always love it when full size items are included in monthly sample bags.  It's one of the reasons I love my Blush Mystery Box so much.

Lust Have It also has been re-doing their packaging as many subscribers discovered last month.  I saw a lot of complaints but this should put all that to rest!

The Cost: $19.95AU

What You Get: Five to six samples of the industry's beauty favorites every month (and as evidenced by the spoiler this month, some full sizes are also included!)

Also if you are subscribed to their newsletter you will get $5 off your subscription.

Check out the cute new make up bags that are the new boxes!  How fun is that?  Yes, it's like Ipsy but it's still fun and I personally find a make up bag more usable (and giftable) than a box.

I signed up for the March Lust Have It bag not knowing that they dont ship to the US.  The CEO contacted me and said she was sending the first bag anyway but that if I decided to continue there would have to be an added shipping charge.  All that is completely understandable since shipping was free.  I wish I could get this next box bag but I haven't received my March one yet.  It takes about 20 days, I guess, from Australia to here.  I haven't been waiting for it.  It'll just show up at my door one day and I'll be happily surprised.

This does seem like a great box and seems to have a great value, as well.  I was all excited when I ordered my first one because they included Australian cosmetics.  Thats the best part about international beauty bags.

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