Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Memebox #13 Available and April Promo Code $5 Off

While Memebox has stopped shipping Internationally other than Japan, the US and Canada, they are working on streamlining the process.  There have been so many issues with their international shipping that its probably a good idea to get their stuff together and start doing it right.

Unfortunately, that means that many people will miss out on getting the Restocked #8 and the singleton #13 and on using this new coupon code they've put about.
Memebox #13 has previously only been available as a bundle purchase but now you can get it all on it's own!

The Cost: $23 plus shipping

What You Get:  The original Memebox comes packed with 4 - 8 full sized products and deluxe samples, carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products.Boxes in each Memebox series always contain the same products, and contents vary from hair and body products, to skin care and cosmetics.
It ships on July 24th.

Use code MEMEBUNDLE3 to get $5 off your purchase of three Memeboxes.

Also released is the Memebox For Him #2!  The price is $29 plus shipping and ships on April 25th.

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