Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Memebox debuts Memebox Mini #1!

Memebox now has a Memebox Mini!!

For $15 INCLUDING shipping, you will receive a box of 3-6 beauty products!  This will include deluxe sizes and pouches.

"We prepared the perfect box for those of you looking for mini version of our Memebox, especially to try out the right product for your skin or to explore what K-beauty can offer!

Memebox mini was created for Korean beauty lovers who want the widest range of exposure to the latest trends in beauty.

Memebox mini includes a whole array of deluxe and pouch samples, in sizes perfect for a satisfying experience. "
Now, I've received some pouches before.  If its what I think it is (and not just a foil), it is a drawstring pouch with a few foil packets and also little bottles.

I have emailed them to see if they can clarify what exactly they mean.

I purchased one of these to spoil for you but it won't ship til May 24th.  I wish they shipped sooner on these things!

My Luckybox Restock #1 is floating in space somewhere...

Don't forget to use the code MEMEBUNDLE3 to get $5 off your purchase of three Memeboxes.  These Minis count, too!

Will you get one of these or will you wait and see?  I admit "pouches" doesn't sound promising but I think this is so fun I couldn't resist.

OH!  And Memebox #9 has been restocked!!  It ships right away so hop on it!


  1. Oooh! I might have to get one of these (and more!) when I get back to the states. I need a memebox!

    1. Are you gone yet?? These don't ship til May 24th. I might die of suspense in the meantime >.<