Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Memebox EarlyBird Special!! 24 Hours ONLY! $10 off NEW boxes!

Memebox just can't stop releasing new boxes!!  Don't they know how hard that is on our poor pocketbooks!!?

However these new ones are AMAZING!!  I'm especially interested in Superbox #13 which is all about caring for your pores!  I don't have huge pores but I'm still curious about their solutions for blackheads!

The best thing is that they are $10 off!!  $29 for each of these boxes and they ALL ship out on May 29th!  Granted that's a month away but somehow it seems so much closer than the June when my Memebox #10 ships.

Superbox #13

Pore Care Box is here to provide a fundamental solution for blackheads and enlarged pores.  We've made special efforts to include only the best of the produts for achieving flawless skin!  This box contains items full of pore care formulas.  From deep pore cleanser to pore tightening products!

Special Price: $29

Superbox #15

Our new Green Tea Box is precisely designed to share with you the long-cherished effects of green tea as a natural healing & purifying remedy. To bring the various health and beauty benefits of green tea to your beauty routine, we've included various selections of our favorite green tea beauty items

Special Price $29.00

Superbox #14

The time between 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. is when your body regenerates and resets itself for the next day!

This is why night care is so important for healthy and radiant skin.
Want a D-I-Y spa night? Night Care Box is dedicated to bringing you easy-to-use home care that intensely regenerates and replenishes your skin overnight.

Follow our night care formula and make sure you get enough of that beauty sleep - you'll be amazed at how refreshed you look the next morning!

Special Price $29.00

You know the only thing I don't like? None of these boxes say how many items you will get and they also don't say what the total value will be.

I like Memebox but they have sent out some serious duds in my opinion. Especially when you consider the Face Shop and Etude House boxes. Everything was discontinued! There were no new products in those boxes. The values were inflated for each product and they didn't even meet the amount paid! Count shipping in that price and it's really a bum deal!

I will say that some of these spoilers have made me reluctant to purchase anything other than a regular Memebox.  Oh, and Mini Memeboxes!  I got one of each.  I hope they're good!  Still, the boxes have been improving.  I was really impressed with the Burst of Color Superbox.  I think that was Superbox #5.  So they are improving!  Although, the Mask #1 was pretty meh.  I think there are spoilers out for Mask #2, too.  I should hunt those down.  I was *thisclose* to getting Mask #1 but decided against it.  

What do you think?  Are you going to get one of these new Memeboxes?  Did you get a Memebox you weren't impressed with?  Which one was it?  I'm always curious to see what people think!


  1. I was wondering about the porecare box but hmmm not sure.. never bought a superbox before and seeing some other superboxes some are great but some are totally meh. plus the price.. I think normal memeboxes are sometimes worth even more than these superboxes.

    I did bought these:
    Memebox The Mask Edition #2
    Memebox Free From Oil & Troubles
    Memebox for Hair & Body
    Memebox Make Up Edition
    Memebox from Nature
    Memebox #5
    Memebox #5-2
    Memebox #10
    Memebox #11 to #16 Bundle
    Luckybox #2
    Luckybox #4
    Luckybox #5
    Minibox #1

    The #5 boxes I received,, the others are shipped or waiting too..
    I've seen some nice spoilers on this blog from some of these boxes. So I can't wait till I get them :)

    Ps I've ordered alot because that was just before they told me they would stop shipping to the Netherlands and when they were back I ordered a lot.. again so I know the amount is a bit "not normal" lol:P
    So I think I'll not buy one of these boxes.

    Do love you blog and I've added it to my favorites!!
    <3 have a great day

  2. I understand wanting to buy everything before they closed the shipping! I think you are right when you say the normal boxes are worth more than the Superboxes. For $23 for a regular Memebox I feel like I get MORE than my moneys worth. And I like the Luckyboxes, too. Mainly because I didn't get any of the earlier Memeboxes. My first one was Memebox #10 (and it hasn't shipped yet). But the Luckyboxes make me feel like I'm getting the good stuff from all the ones I missed :)
    I think I won't get this one (you talked me out of it!) but I will get a new Luckybox or the Memebox #13 instead!

    1. At first I thought these luckyboxes were the cr*p that was left out of the the previous boxes(I did had a glossybox subscribtion before memebox and the Dutch glossybox is the worst you can ever get So I suspected bad things) but then I saw that these were filled with a lot lot lot of great full size products. I was like yay I need these!! I think luckyboxes are the most trusty boxes you can get:P (you can be sure you'll get good stuff)

      About those new 3 boxes.. I really hope they suck :P haha or we'll both cry haha. I think you'll do good at buying the 2 latest luckyboxes and the 13# :)

    2. Well, they're sold out now so I don't have to make a choice! Yay!

    3. Aaah they're back in stock and now I'm still thinking about that 13# box..noooo I'm addicted!! what to do what to do...?