Monday, April 21, 2014

Memebox Free 5 Points and NEW Memeboxes!

Memebox has given all current members 5 Memepoints to spend by April 27th!  That's five dollars!

You also can use the code FREESHIPPING on orders over $70 and $5 off 3 Memeboxes by using code MEMEBUNDLE3.

If you are one of the newly inducted International Shipping zones, you can use WEAREBACK1 for $5 off.

Memebox doesn't do things by halves so of course they've released new boxes!!

There's a new TonyMoly Superbox #9!  Get your fill of TonyMoly cuteness with this Superbox.  TonyMoly has great products packaged in ridiculously adorable containers.  You'll see.  This will have full size products (no mention of how many) .
The Cost: $39
Ships out April 30th

There is also a 10 Minute Memebox.  This will have 4-8 full size and deluxe products in it which will apparently "make love happen" and "polish you up" for that perfect date night.  Hmm...  Looks like lipstick and nail polish to me!

The Cost: $23

Ships out May 26th

Not to be outdone, Memebox has ALSO released a NEW Memebox Mini!  Memebox Mini#2 comes with spoilers in the photo.  Dr. Jart Eye Serum and what looks like a soy lipstick?  Check out the photo and tell me what you think.

The Cost: $15 (including shipping!)

Ships out May 24th.

You know, I just realized that Memebox Mini #1 also had products in the photo.  A pore essence, pancake make up, eyeliner and something called Good Sleep which could be a moisturizer.  Maybe thats all fake out stuff and wont really be in the box :(  I'll let you know when  my Memebox Mini arrives!

What do you think?  Are you going to go for any of these?  I'm avoiding superboxes for now just because I don't think the value is there in the ones that I've seen so far.  I was really contemplating the Missha one but I will wait and see.

I still have Luckybox #1 Restock that is on its way, Memebox #10 and #11, and Memebox Mini #1 coming later in the month.

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