Monday, April 21, 2014

Memebox Make Up SuperBox #5 Spoiler!!

Memebox released a spoiler FINALLY for Superbox #5. That's the Make-Up "Burst of Color" Box. I had emailed them ages ago begging for a spoiler but the only thing she would say was that there would be a nail polish in it and everything would be "full of color."

So! The first spoiler:

"This lip and cheek makeup kit is a favorite recommendation from Get It Beauty's Eugene. It contains a lip balm, a lip concealer, and 3 most popular lip and cheek colors - pink, orange, and coral red - which can be freely mixed and matched with various shadow colors for a different look everyday."
I have a feeling that this might have been in a Korean Memebox (not the Global) previously but I'm not positive since I can't read Korean.

What do you think of this spoiler? I wish I had a better idea of the actual size! It looks like a gorgeous purse pack, doesn't it? I'm also glad there's a mirror. Well, I didn't buy this Superbox but hey, I'm glad for whoever did!

This box is currently sold out but you never know when they might restock it!

The Cost: $39 plus shipping

What you Get: this product and a nail polish and probably three other things, all make-up!

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