Friday, April 4, 2014

Memebox Releases Luckybox #4!

Memebox has announced the release of Luckybox #4!  This is for those of you who missed out on all the other Luckyboxes and earlier Memeboxes.  There are limited supplies of Memeboxes and Luckyboxes so it can be hard to get in fast enough before they sell out.

All items in Memeboxes, Luckyboxes, and Superboxes are sourced directly from Korea and include only the best-loved items in skincare and beauty.

This Luckybox will included products from Luckybox #1 and #3 plus two new products (new to Luckyboxes) from previous Memeboxes.

This is a little vague since the last few Luckyboxes have specified a range of Memeboxes that these will be from. The first Luckybox included items from #1-#6, then second from #2-#7 and the third from #2-#8.

These will ship on April 30th

The Cost: $23.99 plus shipping ($6.99)

Will you be getting one of these?  I am passing because I'm already getting Luckybox #1 (along with #10 and #11 in regular Memeboxes).

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