Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Memebox RESTOCK #8 and Superbox #6 Plus Promo Code!

Memebox managed to release a bunch of goodies all at once (as usual)! 

Most importantly, Memebox #8 has been restocked!!

Read about the contents in this post.  The nice thing about restocks is you basically know what you are getting.  I say "basically" because while they originally said all Luckyboxes would be different, when the first run came out they were all the same.  But NOW the restocked Luckyboxes are coming out and they are different than the first Luckybox #1!

So be prepared for new product if you get the restocked box :)  The cost is $23.00 plus shipping.

Superbox #6 has also been restocked. This is the box that focuses on Anti-Aging products.  We don't know what's in it and they haven't released any spoilers yet.

SUPERBOX #6 comes with multiple solutions with targeted anti-aging purposes. The cost is $59 and you will receive over $150 worth of product.

They've also released a Promo code!  For April, use the code MEMEBUNDLE3 and get $5 off your purchase of three Memeboxes.

Are you going to get either of these?  Or purchase three just to use the code?Which ones have you been thinking about?

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