Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Dirty Little Secret- Paula's Choice

Paula's Choice
I have really become interested in skin care these days.  While I was out celebrating our anniversary in beautiful Victoria, B.C., Canada, my husband took a picture of me that nearly made me want to die.

How on earth did I get so old?!  I want to start lying and say I'm 29 or something and I don't think I can get away with that anymore.  You know that movie that Drew Barrymore did where she went back to high school?  I think that was Never Been Kissed.  But I've always harbored the thought that *I* could do that, too!!
Until now, of course.  I mean, I totally could have up until about age 32.  I have really great skin so everyone always thinks I'm younger than I am.  Oh, and I'm five feet tall.  That seems to make people think I'm a kid too.  When I was 23 I was working in an elementary school as an Instructional Assistant and I was walking through the 5th grade hallway one day when a teacher told me to "Get to class!"  Uh, I work here?  LOL
I'm pretty sure I looked awfully young but fifth grade?!  I do admit that there was a large percentage of 5th grade girls who were a lot bigger than me.  Kinda scary.

Anyway!  Within the last two years, I've really noticed my skin taking a nosedive.  Wrinkles.  I don't care if the lady who gave me a facial said she thought I was 26 even though I was 36 and exclaimed over my "wonder bread" skin.  She probably says that to all the girls old ladies.

My skincare regime has become paramount.  I used to never even wash my face with soap!  Now I'm slathering glycolic scrubs and serums and vitamin c and retinol creams and using toner and sunscreen.  Is it working?  I have no idea.  I started looking into the ingredients lists of the things I use and seeing if they were scientifically proven to work.

Find the Best Product NowEnter Paula's Choice.  Paula Begoun wrote a book called "Don't go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me".  This book takes many cosmetics and skincare items from all different brands and measures them with a very strict ruler.  This means anything from Neutrogena to Estee Lauder is rated on the same scale with price meaning nothing and ingredients meaning everything.

I learned a LOT from the book and her online website, Beautypedia.  I highly suggest you check this out.  You will find that the items you paid large amounts of money for are all about the brand name and not the contents of the product.  You will discover that your drugstore Neutrogena retinol product is better than pretty much any other retinol product on the shelf because of its content and packaging.

I never knew that certain vitamins should only be packaged in opaque tubes because exposure to light and air causes them to lose potency!  Now I'm nitpicky and I refuse to use anything in a jar (except my Vichy).

15% off all orders plus FREE shipping on orders of $50 or more at Paula's Choice! (Valid 05/07/2014 to 06/03/2014. Cannot be combined with other offers)If you are like me and you've had questions about the efficacy of certain ingredients, check Paula's Choice out. Yes, she's biased toward her products but when she's rating other companies things, she's no more judgmental than anyone else  (Well, shes very judgmental but she's evenly judgmental with them all).  It all depends on what its got in it and how its packaged based on that.  Will it do what it says it will do or not?

Not every product in the world is on her site but there are a lot of them.  I imagine it would be pretty time consuming to do every single thing under the sun but you can suggest products for them to test via email.

This is kind of a rambling post but I just wanted to say that I've ditched or swapped a lot of items now.  I want to use things that WORK not waste my time slathering a $90 serum on my face that does nothing.

I'm gonna have this face for a good forty or fifty more years, I want it to look good not just be expensive!

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  1. I'm thrilled to read your "PC" reviews because I have recently discovered Paula's Choice myself. She has an unusual combination of quality and decent prices. My first item was the "Recovery" Anti-Oxidant Serum you mention. I read reviews where folks use this and C-Booster in combination for serious aging problems.

    I am over 50 and also have rosacia, which has really flared up the past few years. My doctor is no help nor are his prescriptions. It will not take me long to see if Paula's products make it better or worse. Skincare is so confusing and what I like about Paula's formulations is she has sets and systems (even color-coordinated) for skin issues. I sure hope I have good luck like you.

  2. I absolutely love her serums. The Ultra-Light has been my favorite all summer but for winter I think I'll be switching back to the Recovery one. My cheeks get so dry. There've been two things that didn't agree with my skin and one was a retinol weekly treatment in a gray packet (it was a sample). It was just too strong for me. And the other was Resist Daily Moisturizer (dark blue). I just kept breaking out after using it so I switched the the Ultra Light version and had much better results. After reading everything she says on how important a sunscreen is to wear every day I'm making sure I have one on.
    I hope you have good luck with her products, too! Out of everything I purchased I think I will never stop buying those serums. I'm hooked.