Saturday, April 19, 2014

My First Barkbox April 2014 Review

My first Barkbox arrived!  I ordered a six month subscription back when they had a seriously amazing deal during March Madness!  I'm including obligatory dog pictures so get ready.  My dogs are rat terriers and are 15lbs.  We get the Small and Cute box size.
Bugsy (on the left) and Dexter were very excited about the smells emanating from the box but sat for a few photos.  I really wanted them on top of the box but that was a no go.  Oh well!  They were so good doing "Down" with pretty paws for me that I didn't force them to sit on top of the treats they were so desperate for.

Barkbox is (obviously) a box full of goodies for dogs. If you are a pet owner, you know how fun it is to spoil your furkids.  This box will provide a new source of entertainment every month and keep your treat supply replenished!

The Cost: $29 month to month down to $18/mo if you sign up for
an annual plan.

What You Get:  Every month you will get a box in the mail with four or more presents for your dog(s).  This can be anything from toys and treats to bones and hygiene products.  Sometimes there might be an interesting gadget! Your box will be customized based on the size of your dog.
I have to put in this picture of Dexter because he is so cute!  He has the most ridiculous ears that flip BACKWARDS instead of forwards!
A box packed full of goodness!!  This months box had five items.  Four treats and one toy!
JW Pet Treat Pod- This is a GREAT toy for my boys.   This is actually a newly released treat toy from JW, too!  Bugsy in particular can be fanatical about finding treats and this toy was a hit.  This is also a great tug-of-war toy and the boys ran around the house each holding one end and growling at each other.
Value: $9.99
Barkworthies Beef Bladder- I love giving these treats.  They take awhile to eat and they aren't rawhide so I don't have to worry about digestion issues.  I normally give bully sticks but this says its a beef bladder.  Ew. Well, ew on both counts but the dogs love them and that's what matters.
Value: $3

Mr. Barksmiths Carrot Cake Smoothie- This is a blend of apples, bananas, and carrots!  I put it in the freezer for use tomorrow.  Hopefully, its sunny and I'll have a perfect excuse to hand this out.  Since there's only one, one dog will get this and the other will get the beef bladder.
Value: $1.50
Bistro Bites Peanut Butter and Carob- All natural ingredients and made with buckwheat, peanut butter and carob.  Good for allergies because its grain-free and has no animal protein!  These are little heart shaped snacks and make perfect training treats!
Value: $8.99 I can't find these for sale anywhere online so I'm guessing.

Complete Natural Nutrition Off-Leash Grilled Chicken Treats- Soft and chewy with a smoky flavor. Easy to put in your pocket.  Corn, soy and wheat free.  My problem child, Dexter, can't digest chicken so he won't be getting these.  I usually try to get treats with either no animal proteins at all or something more unusual like duck or bison.
Value: $5.99

VERDICT:  Did you know people with pets live longer and have lower blood pressure?  Yep, it's a scientific fact!  I love my dogs and I like to spoil them and this box was a lot of fun. I like the large size of the treat bags.  These are not sample packs, these are good sized bags.  The value of this box was $29.50 with my guess on one of the items.  I paid for a six month subscription which would normally be $24 a month but I had a coupon.  I think this is a great deal!  I didn't have to drive out and find these or make a special trip to the pet store.  They just showed up!  I love it!

If you want to sign up, you can use my referral code and get 10% off any length subscription!  Thank you in advance for using it, if you choose to!

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