Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Garden Looks So Much Better and Other Thoughts.

I just have to post this.  This is a photo of flowers on my dogwood tree!  It is a Red Pygmy Dogwood and this is the first time in six years that it has bloomed!!  Previously, I think it was getting too much shade so I moved it.  Last year it was so unhappy with being moved that it did precisely nothing.

This year, though!  Flowers!!  Well, they're actually bracts but I'm calling them flowers because I want to.  This tree will only get to about 7ft tall.  It is a *really* slow grower.  It's also subject to anthracnose which is slightly infuriating.  I spray it every 2 weeks to keep that at bay.

My tulips are blown pretty much.  I do have some late ones that are just starting to open up but for the most part they're on their last legs.  As I do every year, I wish I'd planted wider swaths but when I'm out there in the Fall planting, all I can think about is how its cold and rainy and I'd rather be inside.

One tulip I absolutely love is Angelique.  She's a double but so far nearly every one has had two blooms!  I'm pretty new to the gardening world (I bought my first plant three years ago) but I had never heard of a tulip with two flowers from one bulb!

I take a lot of pictures of my garden because it helps me remember where things are.  I've lost a couple things by digging up a spot I thought was empty to put a new plant in.  It's especially difficult with perennials.  This time I did label things with those white label sticks but I just hate how it looks.  I should get a brown color or something.

 This part is something I'm still working on.  Well, I don't think I'll ever be done but I've ripped everything out of this section and replanted it.  I did find a new grass.  I didn't know it was grass and in fact I have no idea where it came from but I like it!  I need to thin out my Japanese Maple, dig up that yellow sedge in the front and put it somewhere else, and figure out what I want to do with that space.  It's very haphazard right now.  This is my project for this year.  To figure out what to do with this part of my entry way.
I love this part of my garden.  It's so full of stuff!!  In June it looks amazing with the monarda and chocolate joe pye weed along the back.  There's also a hardy hibiscus thats just starting to leaf out!  I dug out a tri color willow I had in the corner and I need to replace it with something evergreen.  Right now I'm leaning toward a camellia but I don't know how much sun it can take so its still in its pot for a practice run.  This area is in shade for 10 months of the year but July and August are killer.

My mother in law says that a garden will always be a work in progress and I can see she is correct.  Every time I go out there I see another thing I want to change.  I think I may have bit off more than I can chew because not only do I have my Inner Garden (the previous two photos are of the Inner Garden) but also my front yard AND my backyard!  Before we had 87 trees cut down in our back yard, all my focus was the front yard and all my plant love went there.  And before you croak about 87 trees, we still have 12 and our lot size is only a quarter acre.  Since we cut down the trees, we get sun in the house!  It's amazing!  We also dont have a backyard full of only moss and we no longer have huge puddles of standing water (no sun, no evaporation).
It also opened up a whole new gardening area!  My goal is to set up a vegetable garden but for now its just shrubs, hostas, heuchera and ferns.  Oh, and a glorious deciduous golden redwood.  Which I need to take a photo of since its so beautiful!


  1. I think you have a lovely garden!! Also your japanese maple tree is beautiful. Most of them around my neighbourhood look ridiculous and out of shape. This one.. perfect!! I also have a small japanese maple tree in my garden, a bit smaller than yours. But I never ever thin out that tree. It somehow doesn't need it. takes care of his own.
    Also love that part of your garden that is so full. looks so pretty, fresh and green. OMG your garden so sooo large! "only a quarter acre" that's so big! I'm planting pumpkin and melons but my garden is not só large... so soon this summer my garden will be overrun by those plants xD haha

    I really love to see more of your garden for inspiration :D

    1. I really do love the smaller Japanese maples! They are so beautiful and well... Artistic looking? This one was here when we moved in three years ago and it was a mound! I love to see the trunk so I cut a lot out from underneath. Don't you love how the trunk and branches kink? None of them are straight and I really like that look. Thank you for your compliments! I've planted pumpkins when I was a kid but I wonder if melons would grow where I am. I would like to eat those!

    2. 1 of the most prettiest trees ever! (this year I found out what that tree was called :P we already have him for so long xD) Sad thing is you can hardly see him because there are a lot of other bushes in the way.. time to trim his neighbours :) I shall take a picture of this tree soon:) maybe they can inspire each other haha :D
      I have no idea where you live.. but I think melons can grow everywhere, just give it good fertilizer + water :)

    3. I live in what we call Zone 7 (Seattle, USA!). We get lots of rain, not much sun but it also doesn't get too cold either. I looked up melons and it looks like I could definitely try to grow them It might not get hot enough for long enough but I bet I could get a cantaloupe or two :) I did see that the vines grow 20 feet!! Thats LONG! I will have to plan this out if they need that much space. I have a little time before the seeds should go in the ground so I can decide how I want to do it first.

    4. Ooo I love weather like that!! YES you should try :P I think best way is to put the seeds directly into the ground indeed and not in a pot first: you'll get a stronger plant. + They said something about my pumpkins that they also should have very very long vines but I think last year I only got the half of it and my pumpkins were not giants but it was fun!