Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My First Paula's Choice Order! Plus, get $10!

I'm pretty sure I said this before but I am in love with Paula's Choice.  I absolutely love their Beautypedia and how they review all brands and types of products based on their ingredients, packaging and claims.

Everything I thought I knew has been upended!  Now, I'm the first to admit to my skepticism over many of the claims of beauty products.  I know that there is no miracle cure for aging.  I made my first purchase after they sent me some samples I had asked about along with a book dispelling some beauty myths.  The awful/good thing was that some of these myths were ones I had actually believed!  Now I am set straight!

The biggest one that I cared about?  Retinol *can* be used with vitamin C, glycolic acid and/or AHA's!  Yeah, all over the place it says you can't but there is absolutely NO proof that wearing one deactivates the other!  In fact, they actually complement each other nicely and can even boost their combined effectiveness!

I made a purchase after that because I like learning new things and I can respect a company that recommends other products besides it's own.  Paula has spent a large part of her life just educating people about what makes a good beauty product and what makes it effective and also, how to use it!

Here's the first two things I bought:
Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask-  This product is for Normal to Very Dry skin.  It's a rich cream that repairs dry skin, smooths wrinkles and fine lines and calms redness and flaky skin.  I bought this because I'm trying to see if I can get rid of the redness of my cheeks.  I dont have rosacea (my skin is smooth) but I feel like my cheeks are red because they are very dry.  
This is a mask which you can wear over night (or at least 20 minutes).  It's got vitamin E, retinyl palmitate (less powerful than retinol but still vitamin A!) and sodium hyaluronate (the deepest penetrating hyaluronic derivative).  It is going to be SUPER moisturizing and I can't wait to try it!
Cost: $19

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum for Normal to Very Dry Skin with Retinol- Fight signs of aging with retinol and antioxidants!  This also is going to be super hydrating because it has some great natural oils and vitamin E and Retinol are the fourth and fifth ingredient respectively!  This is one ounce of serum and its going to last a long time.  Especially since you only need to use 2-3 drops at a time. 
Cost: $28
Since I bought those items and there was a special on (I think it's still going!  Go to Paula's Choice and find out! I got some extra products.  They do give out foil samples with every order.  I just chose all three the same because I wanted to but there were many choices.

Paula's Choice Resist Pure Radiance Skin Brightening Treatment for All Skin Types- Imparts instant radiance, diminishes dark spots and visibly reduces wrinkles.  That's promising a lot.  The ingredients list niacinamide which is clinically proven to reduce dark spots and is considered a skin brightener, it also has ceramides which encourage structure within the skin.  I'll see how well that works.  Although its hard to tell because it takes so long.  By the time it's done some good I will have forgotten how I looked in the beginning!

Paula's Choice: Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol for all Skin Types- this light lotion hydrates and firms, repairs multiple signs of aging and reduces wrinkles on face and eye area.  This is what I will use in my T-zone.  Not so dry but could use some help.  This is a 1oz free sample with a $15 value!  I'm pretty excited about it.

As a side note, all the opinions expressed here are my own and I purchased these items for myself.  I just like Paula's Choice, hence the reason I bought stuff, they have no idea who I am! (My mom did, too! Hi, Mom!)  
Anyway!  Use my referral link to get $10 off your first order and when you get to the checkout make SURE you click the box that says "Send me a Guide" or something like that.  Its a GREAT guide and its free!  That's the one that I got that talks about beauty myths.

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