Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Beauty Test Tube $10 off!!

New Beauty Test Tube is new to me and I'm really curious about what my tube will contain!  The last tube had a Tarte blush!  I think I won't get my tube until May which is the only bummer about it being six times a year.  I have to wait  longer!  Seriously.  I'm all about immediate gratification whenever possible.

The Cost: $29.95/bi-monthly

What You Get: Six times a year, you will receive a TestTube filled with deluxe and full-size products from the hottest beauty brands. You will also receive a subscription to NewBeauty magazine, delivered quarterly.

I managed to get this tube for $19.95 (plus shipping) thanks to a referral link I was sent.  You can use mine and get $10 off your tube too!  Here's the LINK!
I probably wouldn't do it for full price but for $10 off, why not!?

Let me know if that works or not.  The link will take you right to the sign up page to get the price.  If you click around it disappears and you'll have to come back and re-click the link in this post.  Their site is pretty annoying.  I tried not to hold that against them while I was ordering :)

 I thought there was also a $5 off floating around somewhere but I can't seem to find it now.

Have you received the New Beauty Test Tube before? What did you think of it?  I see there is also a QVC version of the Tube, as well but based on reviews it seems most people liked the regular one best.

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