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Nina Garcia NGQ02 Review Finally!!

I had the hardest time acquiring this box.  For one, I signed up ages ago after I saw the first box which was glorious.  Then I changed my mind because, whoa, $100 for a surprise?  And I unsubbed.  Then I thought about how fun it would be to receive something "exclusive" and "designer" and signed back up again.
One thing about, they make it really easy to change your mind.  Super easy to unsubscribe if you want!

Well, then something went wrong with my account and they wouldn't take my money!  Who knew I would be begging a company to take my money, please!!  It did finally get all worked out but it took a few days and they still haven't figured out what went wrong.  Luckily, it wasn't just me.  Or unluckily, I suppose.

Still.  The poor customer service guy!  He was so nice, though, and eventually gave me a great discount.  Really great so it was seriously all worth it!  Especially when the spoilers came out.

But now I finally have MY box! Yay!!! Three and a half weeks after it was supposed to ship. I'm not unsubscribing for the next one either.  That way I should be one of the first ones to get my box instead of the last.   I guess its pretty normal for to have shipping problems.  It's obviously at area they need to improve in.  Where's an Efficiency Expert when you need one? :D

You really do feel like you've just gotten Christmas in the mail.  
The Unboxing!
I did read Nina Garcia's enclosed note first.  It was four pages long and gave clear answers to why she picked the products she did.  It's nice being able to read (what I'm assuming) is her own writing style.

Everything was very perfectly wrapped up in tissue.  Every single thing, no matter how tiny.  Sorry about the blurry photo. :(

This was a very impressive haul. Especially after the amazingly disappointing Fancy Mystery Box. I love so much about this box! I'm staying subscribed so that hopefully I can avoid some of the crazy issues that happened this time around and get my box sooner next time!

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Quatrefoil Picture Frame- I will totally use this because it matches my living room. Its got a grey toned metallic background with gold four leaf clovers on it. This was included because its from JCPenney, where she is a resident "style voice".

Value: $12

Donkey CO. Nina Garcia Pret-a-Portea- Donkey Co. made these tea bags in honor of Nina and her 5 year anniversary with Marie Claire. Nina says she drinks tea all the time and even carries some in her bag!

Spenglish Muy Cool T-shirt- This is probably my least favorite item. Mainly because its a size large and is HUGE! The V-neck nearly hits my navel. Not sure what to do with this, I must say, since it's basically indecent. I believe it's a tribute to her Hispanic heritage but American upbringing.

Value: $25

ReVive Moisturizing Renewal Serum 6ml-
Helps boosts skin's natural exfoliation process to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  Evens skin tone and smoothes skin's texture, revealing a radiant complexion illuminated with the RéVive glow.  Helps restore the skin's natural moisture barrier to lock in hydration, provide enhanced protection from dryness and reveal moisturized, luminous, healthy-looking skin.

Value: $47 (it's $245 for full size!)

Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge Perfume- Since Nina says in her note that she doesn't wear perfume, this is an interesting inclusion.  She does say that this is her personal favorite and the scent is lovely.  This scent is from 2011 so its not like it's new and she's promoting it.

Philosophy time in a bottle- Reduces signs of aging and also features a high-potency vitamin C8 activator that works with the moisturizer to protect from skin-aging environmental damage.  It has a unique, fresh pour system. It's a must have for any skin type to help skin appear radiant, poreless, even and wrinkle free, smooth and firm. 
Basically, it's magic.  This is what Nina says she uses every day and that's why its included.  There's a little bottle of Vitamin C you pour in.  Once you do that, you have to use it within three months.
Value: $74

Lafco Fresh Cut Gardenia Soap- This is a HUGE bar of soap.  It's 8.5 ounces of delicious smelling cleanliness.  Love the scent.  It's such a huge bar that its not really shower worthy, so it should be left in a dish in the guest bathroom or the powder room.  Now to find the perfect soap dish.  This is included because its Nina's favorite soap brand.
Value: $17
Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Compact- Neutral colors for blending, to give your skin a fresh spring glow.  Proceeds go toward the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund.
This was really hard to take a picture of because it keeps closing. Kind of annoying, especially if you are USING it. Hm.  It has one  bronzer, 2 glow highlighters and two cheek tints.  Included with the compact are instructions (which are the tabs on the top you can barely see.  They pull out into directions).
This is a very nice product and has an extremely "luxe" feel to it.  The mirror is great and the amount of product you receive is more than you might imagine. This compact is bigger than my entire hand.
Value: $48

Opi Nail Lacquer in Greenade by #NG- This is an exclusive nail polish color made only for NGQ02!  Spring is here and so is green.
Value: $9

C Wonder Bangle Hearts- These were actually featured in Nina's 5 year spread in Marie Claire.  There were a few different versions. I got hearts.  This is a very delicate bangle!  It's so dainty.  It looked so small but fit perfectly on my wrist.  I don't like hearts or gold but this is so pretty I think I'm going to actually wear it!
Value: $34

Graphic Image Pocket Notebook- embossed with #fashionnotes by Nina.  My is definitely green.  Just as green as the polish, as you can see.  I'm not sure I'll use this because it doesn't open flat. It's quite small, too.  Apparently, Nina never goes anywhere without a notebook.  If you've seen candid photos of her, you know this is true.
Value: $28

X-Pen Lord Ballpoint Pen- functional and now fashionable with Nina's signature on the side.
Value: $24

Also, note the March Edition of Marie Claire in the background.  I don't really read magazines but it's possible I'll pick this one up and skim it.

Charming Charlie Slip Up Flap WalletA single strap wraps around the wallet and beneath a gleaming metal bar to keep it secure. One zip pocket, two slot pockets and LOTS of card pockets. This was included to add a floral pop to all your outfits.
Value: $15

I suppose I saved the most ridiculous for last. So not into this piece of... well, I can't really call it jewelry. This is a... cord with a bit of silver attached. With neon pink tassels. Yeah.

Sara Beltran Petite Sterling Silver Mexican Tassel Necklace-  It is what it is.
Value: a severely inflated $100

Grand Total Value: $433 with the Sara Beltran Necklace which I don't want to count and without values for the Pret-a-Portea, Marie Claire magazine and Tom Ford perfume.  So I'm adjusting the value to $353 (making the necklace with $20, heh).

And I paid $75.  So I'd say I got a crackin' good deal! What it does mean is that I paid $6 for each item, not counting the perfume, tea or magazine. Nicely done, if I do say so myself!  
Needless to say, I love this box.  I love the bangle, the compact, the soap, the time in a bottle and the picture frame.  I don't love the necklace, perfume or the T-shirt.  I will definitely use the pen, polish and tea.  The iffy things are the wallet, ReVive, and the notebook.  

This was an impressive box, I'm very happy with it and I cannot wait for the next one!

What did you think?  What were your least favorite items?  Was the Sara Beltran necklace one of them or am I the only one that thought it was hideous!?

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