Monday, April 14, 2014

Orangeglad April 2014 Review and Coupon Code

I got my OrangeGlad Sweet Box Today!  Well, actually it came while I was gone over the weekend and I had my MIL pick it up for me so it wouldn't sit outside.  It is full of deliciousness this month!

The Cost: $15/mo plus $6.95 shipping and handling

What You Get: Five Deluxe Gourmet desserts carefully curated each month and delivered to your door.
So the last month I got an OrangeGlad box, I was not impressed.  It was February and the selections were so boring, I couldn't continue with another month.  Then I discovered a coupon!  ORANGE10 will get you your first box for $10!  That brought me in for another month and this time around I am much more impressed.

Greyston Bakery Walnut Fudge Brownie
Value: $3.50
Greyston Bakery Brown Sugar Blondie
Value: $3.50
I didn't eat either of these (yet).  I don't like nuts in my brownies for one.  And two... Well, I'm sad they arent chocolate.
Cafe Valley Bakery Petite Chocolate Chip Muffin- These are dense cake with nice bigger chocolate chips.  I had one and was full.
Value: $1.50 for all three

The Truffle Cake Co. Sinful Red Velvet Truffle Cake and Peanut Butter Paradise-  These are cake pops without the stick and they are delicious!  The texture of the peanut butter one was a little off-putting but the Red Velvet one was amazing!
Value for both: $4

By now you might notice that something is missing.  Yes, the Wicked Whoopie Red Velvet Whoopie had an accident.  More than one...  First, it was kind of mooshed.  Second, I had to cut it out of its plastic bag because it was sticking to it.  Third...  Well, third, I tasted it.  And forgot to stop tasting until it was gone.
So, there is no picture...  But it was the best thing I've eaten since that steak I had at Jaks in Issaquah the other week.  Oh, actually, I liked!  I do have a picture.  It's just does no justice to the fantasticness of the actual product.

Wicked Whoopie Red Velvet Whoopie- Heaven.
Value: $2

VERDICT:  If you are interested in finding new and interesting treats, this experience is sooo worth it. That Wicked Whoopie was unreally delicious.  *drools*   Herein lies the debate.  The monetary value of this box is $14.50.  The value of the box does not appear to cover the actual price of the box and definitely didn't make up for the shipping.  I don't like the inclusion of the Cafe Valley Bakery muffins.  I can get those in any grocery store.  Personally, I paid $10 for this box using a coupon.  Is that worth it? Yes, of course, but what about all those that don't have a coupon to use?  I definitely loved getting these goodies that I would normally never try!

Don't forget that you can sign up for a $10 box using the code ORANGE10!  This should work on a one month subscription.  For a 3 month or 6 month subscription you can also use the code LOVEMOM to get $10 off.  So if you want to try a box, there's the good options for you!

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  1. Hey, Thanks 4 the codes!! Hope they're still relevant when I go 2 order my box on Friday!