Thursday, April 17, 2014

Peach Dish, You Make Me Look So Good! My April Peach Dish Review.

Seriously, if you want to impress ANYONE, make them a Peach Dish meal.  I got my box today and made my first meal from what I received!
This weeks meals are Jerk Chicken and Kale-alloo with Ginger Marinated Carrots as an appetizer and Coconut-Cilantro Rice as a side dish.  This is the meal I made today.
Saturday I will likely be making the Tilapia and Veggie Skillet with Jasmine Rice and Cucumber Salad!
Every single recipe that I have made from Peach Dish has been amazing.

Peach Dish sends their subscribers a big refrigerated box full of every single ingredient you could possibly need!  I am absolutely in love with this company and the fantastic menus they create and the quality ingredients they send.

The Cost: $50/week

What You Get: All ingredients, plus recipes, to make two meals for two people (or two and a half people, really) plus special surprise desserts.  You also get to look like you are an amazing cook even if you aren't.

Use code kv0ldkLJ for $15 off your first order!
My ingredients for this meal were so numerous they barely fit in the picture!  The surprise dessert was Strawberry Shortbread cookies.
First things first!  I set up the recipe where I could get to it easily and started following all the instructions. That began with chopping green onions, grating ginger and peeling and slicing carrots.
All that hard work turned into marinating Ginger Carrots!  Olive oil and salt and pepper were the only ingredients I needed to have on hand.  These were very tasty, by the way.
Let me just say one thing.  I had NO idea coconut milk was so... solid.  I actually had to look it up online to make sure it was the right thing.  It smelled fabulous but I guess I don't use good coconut milk often enough. This has the consistency of whip cream.  Before I opened it up, I chopped my shallots and cilantro which are in little bowls.  The shallots went in with the kale (along with a little coconut milk) and the cilantro went in after the rice was done (which was also cooked with coconut milk).  
Let me interject one thing here.  Rice with coconut milk is amazing.  Rice with coconut milk and cilantro is amazing.  But rice with coconut milk and cinnamon is out of this world!  Best dessert ever.  I set a few scoops of rice aside and put cinnamon on it.  So. Good.
 My finalized product was so amazing.  My husband could not stop telling me how good it was.  And every time I took a bite of the Coconut-Cilantro Rice, I couldn't believe how flavorful it tasted.

Honestly, every dish I've ever made from Peach Dish has been fantastic.  When you set up your account you have the option to skip weeks.  If you don't skip any weeks, your box arrives every Thursday.  I like to cook so I don't get this box all the time but when I see an awesome menu, I can rarely resist.

I just cannot recommend this service highly enough.  The vegetables are always fresh and usually look just like the ones I would pick myself.  My cilantro was gorgeous, my carrots were huge and had no cracks.
The kale was a gigantic bunch and very healthy without any browned edges.  I've been so happy with the clarity of the recipes, too.  They organize it just right so that everything comes out all at the same time.

Don't forget if you sign up to use the code kv0ldkLJ for $15 off your first order!

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