Monday, April 14, 2014

Popsugar $10 off on RueLala!

You have 19 hours to get over to RueLaLa and get your next Popsugar box for $10 off the regular price!

One Introductory Must Have Box of POPSUGAR's Monthly Favorites

RueLaLa has a deal where you can buy a voucher for a Popsugar box for $29.95.  You can then use this voucher any time between April 17 and June 17.  That means you can wait for spoilers!  If you don't like them for the month of May, you can save it for the month of June!

The Cost: It is $39.99/mo (normally) and free shipping. If you'd like to know more or sign up, head over to their website.

What You'll Get: The Popsugar MustHave box is dedicated to beauty, home, fashion, fitness with a little food tossed in. They send full-size products and premium items (like scarves and eye palettes!! yeah!).Pretty good deal and a lot of fun.

Even if you choose not to use RueLaLa, don't forget you can get $5 off with the code: REFER5

I've found now that RueLaLa tends to have some good subscription box deals so I've signed up with them.

And as always, thank you for using my referral link!  They keep the reviews coming :)

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